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Monday, November 14, 2016

Important Mistakes in Main Door Entrance Feng Shui Take Care of Wealth and Evil eye for Main Door Feng Shui

Entrance Console Table Healing Art 

Important mistakes that many people do with entrance Feng Shui, is to choose any images, posters and artworks which may symbolize loss of wealth, loneliness and drive away wealth from the house. While in Feng Shui we consider the main door as most important , the mouth of your home, it has to be well planned and well cared for. It welcomes fresh energy, that is wealth and opportunities.
Blue Cubism Pot of Grapes Razarts
Common mistakes with main door Feng Shui-
1) Put green plants that are tall and bushy. that happens so often I see houses with overflowing pots, this blocks the entrances and even are so overpowering with their tall stems and branches that it hinders walking in. 
2) Large wide mouthed Vases and Antique pots- wide mouthed vases leak chi away. drain wealth sooner. In feng shui we advise to choose Pots and Antique vases with narrow bottom, wide center and narrow mouth. 
3) Empty large Vases again store negative energy and accumulate dark energies. Never have too many empty vases near the entrance, outside or inside. Always put some flowers in them. Real plants are best but even artificial silk flowers do , if cared for properly. 
4) Evil eye has been affecting so many unknowingly. People hardly notice that a wrong intended glance can affect the energy of the house and family. Advisable to hang an evil eye cure near the main door entrance, outside or inside. 
Refreshing Blessings
5) It is important to hang evil eye cures that would work! most of the evil eye cures available in market are incomplete and commercially made without any symbolism and incomplete images bring out more negative energy. They are so small, sometimes chipped, broken, and also with incomplete symbols, no wonder they do not show any results for protection!
Defining Radiance 
6) Loss of Wealth symbols- paintings with water flowing outside. Horse paintings which are galloping in a direction out of the house. Single objects , hung near the entrance.
7) Having fish tank near entrances! Main door, very very important, please do not put fish tanks near main door. First of all water, I advise to avoid near main door. Usually even if north sector falls near the main door avoid placing water, you can hang paintings, that too chosen carefully understanding their symbolism , if you wish to activate wealth sector.  

Purple Leaf of Healing
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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