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Thursday, December 14, 2017

What happens with Burning candle outside main door & console tables

Candles of Goodluck
Candles have their own symbolism in all cultures. Especially now with Christmas coming soon, fragrant candles, coloured candles, aromatic oil candles are in every home. While Christmas decorations are in full swing candles light up homes and go with every modern d├ęcor. Colourful candles in feng shuii are beautiful energy. The soft warmth of burning candles not only purifies your space but also activates energy in that feng shuii sector. Entrances, Console tables are feng shuii activated by burning candles. Main doors have strong symbolism and the feng shuii energy here is transferred to your life, and your  family. What happens when you burn a candle outside main door? It keeps space glowing with active energy. What can go wrong here? 1) single candles are considered inauspicious, always choose to burn candles in pairs. 2) console tables are often decorated with colourful burning candles, see that this is not the north sector. North is ruled by Water. 3) Avoid on candle in relationship sector. It will make one of the partner active and caring and other becomes detached. 4) Candles burning in bedrooms brings such a romantic warm atmosphere in your live life, ...only when the number of candles is chosen carefully. Avoid single candle burning in bedroom. 5) usually after death of person in family, people burn single white candle. Choose colours. Bring in fun, and fragrance.  Always choose two candles to light at a time.6) Did you know you can use Christmas candles to improve, heal relationships?use this time, the ritual of burning candles, to activate feng shuii sector of love and marital luck, family  happiness.7) Burn pair of candles everyday for these last few days of the year,Christmas,  to seal your love and family bonding. Try it,it works! Have a Merry Christmas and Wishing You and Yours a Great 2018 Ahead!!!All the Best from Rizwana!  If you love Christmas paintings, healing art, check out my Christmas Magica Fantasies collection on my website.

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