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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Fame and Recognition! Cravings Satisfied! For Results 9 Tips to activate South

Nine Triangles
Fame Recognition cravings satisfied! Welcome this new year 2018 with the deserved success and fame! Absolutely strong Symbols of fame!Feng Shuii Fame, the colour red, the most auspicious shapes, goign with feng shuii element theory, the energy symbols Reiki and the Universal blessings, heaven luck.
Activate your south corner , south feng shuii sector wall, to attract the most yang life force energy. get to work, get results, get the cravings satisfied!
Strongest Cure! Fame Feng Shuii painting
the hard work needs to be recognized, humans carve for appreciation and name,  after the persistent efforts and work,  wealth comes, then comes fame! attract and activate feng shuii with healing art,  required push to your life, Activate Feng Shuii with Healing Paintings!
For Results, Tips for Activating Feng Shuii South sector-
1) Fire element dominates here, avoid metal and water.
2) Colour red and orange, best here. Purples also are great. 
3)If possible keep small active fire for immediate results in activation of fame energy.
4) Plants are good, choose red leafs in ornamental plants.
5) The energy is activated faster if you have a pair of plants. 
6) Eight and Nine are auspicious numbers.Choose feng shuii numbers for your benefit. 
7) Triangle shape is best as it represents the element fire. Still, Avoid triangles facing downwards.
8) Avoid barren landscapes and dried tree paintings.
9) Phoenix, the heavenly bird, that rises from ashes, most powerful feng shuii cure for fame and recognition!
All the Best from The Red Pilgrim!
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