Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Drive your way to success with feng Shui Get Dragon Seat Covers

Feng shui for your car has an important element fire energy that can drive you to fame and success. As we know driving to destinations is one important part of success your car seat covers can add that extra boost of energy to your body and mind.
The element of fire represents fame and recognition energy into your life and this can be inculcated in many ways as feng shui cures in your daily life. Right from that red colored shirt to the red tie to your red handkerchief in your dress.
Dragon Car seat covers

Dragons in feng shui are symbolic of fame and success and the images can be added to many objects of daily life. Just be careful of the strong fire energy which may not be handled by everyone. Health problems and heart problems and weak hearted ones must avoid dragon images near body or environment. Also drinkers must avoid having dragon images in car as they are prone to make accidents and drive rashly.
If driving cars is your business you can have dragon images behind your car seat covers for success.  Take care to avoid more than three dragon images in any space.
From the red purse to your red file covers even the red car is one energy booster that attracts fame energy. Car seat covers in red and with images of dragons gives a boost of energy and makes you feel more confident to take the day ahead!
All the Best From Rizwana!

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