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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Buy a Red Dress for Success Dress up for success with feng shui Color Red for Interviews and Work

Red color symbolizes energy and good luck. In Chinese the color red has always been associated with wealth and fame. Red is the color for success and confidence. And also makes you look attractive and invite more sales.
Red is the color of the Root chakra providing energy to our existence and giving grounding earth energy.  The individuals with strong root chakra are usually well adjusted and practical in thoughts and work and are loved by everyone. If you lack some of the energy or your day has not begun with the right note you can add up this energy as in your dress or accessories for the day and thus uplift your personal chi.
Red Tie for Feng Shui Energy Success
Again red is also the color for protection and often symbolizes power and status.
Red Dress for Success
But that does not mean that you wear a flaming shocking bright red top/ shirt for an interview, as this does may not go well with the dress codes, unless you are in the fashion or modeling industry.
Red Purse for Success
For interviews and job, and dealing with clients for business red can be incorporated in your dress in many ways. Men  can use a red tie to attract energy and also a reddish brown wallet or a red handkerchief can do wonders to your personal chi and attract more success and confidence.
For the ladies there are umpteen options to incorporate the colro red in their dress. Buy a red dress. Carry a reddish maroon purse. Wear a red gemstone bracelet or pendant. You can also wear jewellery in red gemstones, rubies, in a finger ring  to attract more wealth and good luck.
Gold and red are the most auspicious feng shui color combinations for prosperity.
Choose shades and hues of red to attract feng shui goodluck energy, and Have a Great Day!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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