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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The type of furniture you choose will decide good or bad health for your family Feng shui tips for furniture especially professionals from IT Sector

IT sector professional have to spend a lot of time sitting in front of their computers and here feng shui can help a lot in improving efficiency and productivity from your work. Many suffer from long periods of sickness , back aches and a lot of health problems wanting to try out feng shui. Feng shui health has one most important rule for It professionals , choose the right furniture and welcome great health. While the feng shui sector for attracting good health falls in the east direction of your home the element corresponding to this sector is wood. So while you will be applying a lot of feng shui cures the wrong choice of furniture may be the main reason for your health issues.   
Ergonomically correct furniture Feng Shui Simple Cures

Especially IT professionals who work from office or home need to choose the right furniture. Spending long hours at work in one position has led to many health problems like back aches, headaches, spinal column slipped discs, wrist pain, finger muscles pain etc.  So while they are highly paid for their jobs health must also be given a priority to keep on the output levels high. You can enhance the energy of this sector by choosing right sized, comfortable wooden furniture to welcome great health energy. For choosing furniture ergonomically balanced furniture has great energy as these furniture pieces are made considering the body frame work and positions of the user.
Keeping in mind the spinal column support, the right hand posture support and the back comfort levels we see a lot of modern contemporary ergonomically balanced furniture today. While buying furniture for an IT professional follow these simple suggestions-
1) Human body is not designed to sit for long hours so take breaks, move your body , walk, change positions of muscles of wrist , hand, neck. Simple exercises help.
2) If you sit in a bad shaped ill fitting chair you body does not get support. Choose the right ergonomically correct chair and table that has the right height that your hands get comfortable position to rest while typing.
3) The chair must have flexible options, as moving forward, forward tilt, leaning forward, side support for your arms and back while working long hours on the computer etc. Movement is essential to help you work efficiently to reach drawers , shelves in a movable chair with good quality wheels. Most ergonomically correct chairs are made according to your professional or personal needs. And they provide the right support to your muscles and back where it is most needed while working long hours on computer.
4) Every piece of furniture you need for work must be arranged in proper manner. Having the files shelf, or paper stacks stored  too far away you will spend more energy on making trips and less productivity.  Also fax machines, printers, and all that you require must be properly arranged in right size furniture.
5) IT professionals can benefit by displaying some energy art on their walls. This not only helps to focus a while away from the blue screen but also relaxes your eyes, mind and body, bringing in more creative side energy and also improves work efficiency by giving the brain the desired break.
It professional are working in all sectors and as we are moving towards more and more professions leading to online selling and working as  It sector related jobs we must take care of our health as on following simple feng shui tips can help to avoid major health problems. Take steps before you head towards lifetime of painkillers and complete bed rest health issues.
When you choose the right type of ergonomically correct balanced furniture add some green plants, tall good luck Bamboo plants to activate the east sector to attract good health and improved family relationships. Attract wealth by increasing work efficiency with right type of furniture, welcome good feng shui health energy with right furniture.  
All the Best from Rizwana!

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