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Monday, September 10, 2012

Feng Shui Tips for Placement of Latest LCD and LED Television Sets

Latest LCD and LED televsion sets are seen in every home and as there is space crunch in many home people let go of the big tv sets and prefer the sleek Televsions sets. In feng shui there are certain places in your home where if you place electronic gadgets like TV you get best results from them and also they do not break down frequently.
Usually according to the feng shui principles like every electronic gadget television is also considered a metal element. Since most of the television parts consist of metal part and usually the LED set is also of black colour it would be advisable to hang your LED or LCD television set on the west or the north west wall. As silver, black and white colours correspond to the metal element and usually your LCD or LED television is also of this colour you can have your sets in the west section or the north west section of your living room. Many people have customised TV units where they can have their TV monitor along with the dish tv connection set top box can be placed inside the unit shelf. 
The area corresponding to helpful friends and travel also falls in the section of north west hence having your TV set in this area will also help to activate your travel luck. This also helps to keep the area charged with energy if the TV set is kept on frequently.
According to feng shui principles we prefer to be one with nature and these latest LED or LCD TV sets though a product of vast research and latest in TV monitors one must understand their implications on you and your family's health. Since the LED and LCD monitors emit radiation which may is harmful for your body you must place the TV sets at a distance and also keep the seating arrangement far from the TV monitor. This was not so much for the older TV sets but with the latest LED TV sets the rays when exposed for long term may be harmful and also precipate some chronic diseases of the body , internal as well as external.
LCD and LED monitors must be hung securely on the wall with good fittings. If the fittings of your TV set are not strong or not in proper line you will view the slanted TV pictures and also there will be risk of the TV set falling down, this will send negative shar energy into your home and family. Thus anything or object sending fear emotions into you is considered bad feng shui. You will always be in state of constant fear when watching or passing near by from your LED TV.
Electronic wires and fittings  for your LED or LCD TV set must be secure and safe. When you follow feng shui principles there is peace and harmony into your home.
All the Best!  
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  1. Great post and tips! These are gonna be very useful when I buy my tv lcd next week. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. Thank you Jerry Gene for coming by Feng Shui Simple Cures and your lovely comment, this is such an helpful link, All the Best!


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