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Sunday, November 13, 2011

All you Need to Know About Crystals Use as Cures in Feng Shui

Pure Crystal
 Crystals are a very effective cure for healing in feng shui. Time has proved that crystals due to their light refractive properties are very effective in curing relationships and also improving the feng shui of any area. Considering a few important points of placement crystals can be hung, placed or laid in boxes according to the elements of that particular area to be feng shuid.
Crystal Very Good Cure in Feng Shui
 There are some places for best placement and results from crystals. South area of your home or office will benefit for hanging clear crystal in improving your fame and recognition luck. As the shape of south area is triangle it is best to have a circular crystal with a point and hang it in this area for improving your fame luck.
Pink Crystal for Curing Relationship
Pink coloured crystals are very effetcive in improving relationships and are good to be placed in the bed room to improve romance and marriage luck. Hanging a crystal wind chime in the south west area will improve all relationships and a crystal in the north west area will welcome help from unknown friends and unexpected means. This will energise the area of helpful mentors in your and your family's  life.
How to select crystals in feng shui-  with so many shiny crystals we are confused in selecting the right type of crystal for best feng shui cure. If you have a preference or your stars favour a particular type of crystal then you can go in for it. Each coloured crystal has different benefits and as some are good for improving health some for improving luck whereas some like the tiger eye to ward off evil luck.
If you are new and do not wish to get more confused the best choice would be to go in for a transparent and glossy colourless crystal which is pure and shiny. Since it is understood that white is a superior colour and above all the rest of colours in the colour spectrum it would be good feng shui to select a crystal for any place.
Sharp Crystals- feng shui places lots of importance on curves and this also will be considered before selecting a crystal. Choose a good cut crystal that has smooth edges and does not have pointed or very sharp edges that may hurt anyone, as this is bad feng shui to have sharp objects near us. Avoid hanging crystals where in they have the pointed portion facing towards us.
How to hang a crystal- A triangle shaped crystal with the pointed shape pointing upwards is the best way to hang a crystal for best results as feng shui cure. If you are placing a crystal in a open plate for wealth cure, place some coloured stones or beads and then place the crystal between for best results in your wealth area. Avoid hanging crystals that come in your way in the house or office as you may accidently get hurt.
Another important point is to secure the hung crystal with a strong twine or chain so that there are no accidents. The point of the crystal when hung up must not point downwards as this will act as a negative arrow and give bad energy below. Nowadays we get ready made stands for placing crystals which are secure and strong and all one has to do is to put it on your table or desk.
Where to buy crystals in feng shui- first of all purchase good qaultiy and authentic crystals for reputed sources of crystal sellers or jewellers. Many people buy cheap crystals that come cheap but after few days the shine and gloss just disappears and you realize you have been cheated in the name of genuine crystals for a piece of glass! So buy crystals from a reputed crystal dealer. Remember to avoid spending a fortune on crystals as there are cheaper cures in feng shui but you can buy a single or few crystals if this is what you want as these are effective cures and they do look very attractive and good along with acting as cures in feng shui.
Purification of Crystals in feng Shui- buying a crystal is one aspect of the feng shui cure and maintaining its freshness and effectiveness is another. Like any other thing even our crystals seem to accumulate energy and especially if it is bad negative energy then your crystal will start looking weak, light and also lose its shine. Some times if there is lots of negativity in the room then some crystals also crack and break.
How to maintain your crystals and their effectiveness for life long is that like you take bath do the same purification for your crystal. If you feel the crystal is not showing results then clean the crystal with fresh water, remember to avoid chlorinated water. Add some whole rock salt and clean the crystal with this water. Avoid soaking the crystal for long in salt water. Once the crystal is clean wipe it with a clean soft muslin cloth. Remember to use a soft cloth for cleaning your crystal as harsh fabric will make scratches on your precious crystal surface and it will lose its shine.
After cleaning the crystal place it for some time under the morning fresh sunlight so that it is charged with positive ions form the sun energy. Burn some incense and put positive intentions and command to your crystal and then hang it or place it according to the feng shui area. If you are new to handling crystals please do not try the purification process of crystals at home and you can take help of a good feng shui consultant for the same as you may risk either scratching your crystal or completely breaking it in process of cleaning.
Also there are special liquids available for cleaning crystals and cleaning your crystal with soap and water may remove the protective coating of your crystal and make it dull and less shiny.
You can use crystals as cures for many problems in your life. Wearing pink crystals will help to control anger and emotional outburst and mood disorders. A crystal with yellow tone or black will ward off evil eye and bad luck. A clear crystal will also reflect back negative energy and thus lead to good health and good luck. Hanging crystals in north west and south west is very good for anybody to improve relationships gone sour and to invite heaven luck and mentors luck in your life. So if you are not getting any help or support from family or friends in your personal or professional life then try a crystal feng shui cure. A sure shot for healing bad marriage is to place a pink crystal near the bed of the couple with positive intentions and you can save a marriage from break up. Sibling rivalry is another aspect which you can cure with use of crystal cure. Placing or hanging pure crystals near the window where the crystals gets some amount of sunlight daily will help to improve the feng shui of the area and heal relationships. In offices you can place a crystal on a stand on the left side of your table, and do remember to rub your crystal daily to keep it sparkling clean to attract positive growth in business and also improved existing clients relationships.
Feng shui is a simple science of placing the right objects in the right place and they need not be costly cure for results to be seen. Crystal Chandeliers and wind chimes are a good way to bring feng shui crystal cure in your life and they also go with your home d├ęcor!
All the Best!  

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  1. Dear mam
    I have placed my small aquarium in the north east corner of my study does not receive much sunlight and I have fixed a small light bulb at the cap.
    Is it ok?
    Also is it ok to keep 1 or 2 pairs of fish

  2. Hello Pavan, 1)/North east is a good sector for educational luck.2) small Light is Ok. 3) one pair is good, avoid four fishes. If tank is large you can have nine fishes.All the Best from Rizwana!

  3. Im no expert, but I believe you just made an excellent point. You certainly fully understand what youre speaking about, and I can truly get behind that.
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