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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Lucky Number and the Unlucky Flat Number in Feng Shui

Flat numbers and house lanes numbers play an important role in the success of your career, family relationships and finance, especially your finance. Since your house should be clearly visible to get good opportunities and business openings it is also very important to be noticeable from outside for inviting good luck and good energy.  It is often seen that people with very tall trees covering their houses are living a life of unknown identity and also do not have many friends either in neighborhood or at work. They live a secluded life and even though they miss out on friends their situation does not change. Here feng shui can help to bring about a drastic and positive change in your situation.
First of all consider your main door that is chi or mouth of your home. Keep it clean and clutter free. Attractive items and healthy plants can be displayed as welcoming gesture. Avoid very tall plants that w ill cover your main door or flat number. Have a good designer feng shui name plate showing very clearly your house address, flat number and your name.
Now we know that there are certain lucky numbers as well as certain unlucky numbers in feng shui. What if you have an unlucky flat number say one or thirteen or some number which is not good feng shui number for your personally. Though you can change various aspects in feng shui it may not be possible to change your flat number unless of course, you choose a major decision of shifting your house. In such cases you can use si8mple feng shui cure by underlining your flat number with golden colour. You can also cure this problem by making a round circle to your flat number. This will improve the feng shui of your number and also remove the negative energy of this number.
Having a metal door knocker will improve strength of your main door and the knock of your door will bring luck into your house. This feng shui for numbers can also be applied to office numbers or shop numbers and also for the working category their table numbers. For your name plate in office use clear alphabets with clear spellings of your name and designation and this must be seen from far away also. If there are numbers involved do underline them for best results or make a circle around unlucky numbers to deflate their negative energy and make them powerful for you.
Another important feng shui tip to enhance main door feng shui of unlucky flat number is to have a bright light over your door and shine your name and flat number. This positive light energy will remove the negativity of your house number and also improve visibility of your flat.
Using feng shui for your main door will enhance relationships and bring welcoming positive energy which in turn will bring good business and great wealth towards your home.
All the Best!  

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