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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

List of Furniture Items and Placement Tips According to Feng Shui

In feng shui the most important aspect which I love is that it always goes with the flow and never against. Any feng shui cure which does not go with your nature and environment is not a good cure and will not show results. Hence very often I mention that please do not go in for very costly feng shui cures and major renovations of your home and offices for improving your luck.
In feng shui we follow the principles of the five elements and if the cycle is placed in the progressive form then you get very good results by right placements of your furniture. As fire leads to ashes or earth which in turn forms metal which using water brings new growth in form of wood which can be burned using fire to get earth. This way all the elements are balanced and placing your furniture considering these aspects will give you good results from using feng shui in your home or office. By understanding these principles it will be very easy for you to place your furniture correctly according to feng shui rules.
Let us now consider the selection of furniture to place in these particular areas. Usually any home consists of basic few items of furniture and though there is no limit to this list we can consider a few common examples and learn their right placement suggestions in feng shui. The living room consists of sofa set, center table, chairs and puffis , lounge or easy sofa, wardrobe, TV set, fish tanks and of course the list of knick knacks is endless. Let us consider first the sofa set and chairs and center table. Think right in the beginning  for purchasing these important furniture items about the element which you prefer. People are considered to be metal, wood, water, wind  and fire types so you can see your preferences. If you select a wooden sofa set and seating arrangement then it is best to place these items in the east and south section. If your seating arrangement furniture is of metal try to have it in the north and north west region, you will not only enhance the element of your house by increasing its chi but also have happy relationships with family and friends. You also will consider your decorative knick knacks and other fancy items according to their element make up. Example you can have a tall healthy plant in the south and east direction where as have a metal ship in the north and have chandelier in the south west.
TV and music systems go in the west wall as also computers and laptops. Telephones and mobiles are best placed in the north and north west directions. Whereas a fish tank can be placed in any direction of your living room where you need improved positive chi as long as it is kept clean.
Let us move to the other most important room that is kitchen. Here your fire element has to be strong. Place your gas stove in the south or east. Select dining table according to your space available. If you have place in south and east then have a wooden table whereas  you can also go in for a wrought iron and metal dining table for the west and north section. Though in feng shui we prefer to have a wooden dining table as this is considered auspicious and good for your health you can have any material table and even glass looks very elegant and creates a feeling of more space in a small kitchen. Your fridge and gas must never be in one line. Have your water sink and basin in the north to correspond the water element. Ovens and microwave can be kept in the  west position and avoid keeping your microwave on your fridge as two powerful energies are not good together and will heat up this area considerably. In fact in feng shui we prefer to have less of micro wave food and lead a healthy lifestyle with more fresh fruits and vegetables. Though this is the need of the hour and every home has an oven you can place it on solid wooden board or kitchen stone platform in the west as all these equipments are made of metal and west is the best area for metal objects.
Bedroom furniture consists of bed, wardrobe, side tables to name a few. Place these furniture according to your bets position for good results. Here you will not only consider the elements of your furniture but also consider your best sleeping position and luck position to get good relaxed sleep and energy.
Children’s bedroom is another very important room in feng shui. here I would like to mention few tips for those who have children as well as those who are trying to have baby. As you move into your new home do make space and room fort eh entry of new member in your family. If you have children give utmost importance to the west and north along with north west area of your child’s room. A happy and enthusiastic child will be seen only when they have comfortable furniture and right arrangement of the same. Same principles will apply here also according to the basic elements of your home and the material used for the furniture for children's room. Usually children have bed, wardrobe, study table, book shelf and play area. Very important to consider that these furniture items are safe and strong to bear the use of energetic children. Try to avoid any sharp edges in your child's furniture and place it according to feng shui in their room. Best placement of study table is north, north west, south and north east. Among all these the north east is best for improving education luck. Play area must be in the west to encourage creativity and do have a notice board or display board in the wets of your child's room to display their achievements and artwork.
Bathroom furniture includes all water elements and it is considered an area where you lose energy. Hence in feng shui we focus on keeping the drain and toilet door closed at all times. You can also keep the lid of your toilet seat always covered after use to avoid precious drain of finances. Many people have decorative items in bathroom but in feng shui we prefer to keep our toilets simple and only utility based. Though you can have a plant or mirror in your bathroom as a feng shui cure.
If you have a garden or lawn attached to your house also consider furniture for this according to feng shui. Have plants according the element that corresponds to an element of your house. Example if you have a south garden this is best and you can have to liberty to have many healthy plants and of any colour. But in case you have a garden in the north or north west it is advisable to have less plants and more of a rock garden to bring in education and self realization luck. Also select plants of different colour and avoid very tall plants in the north section of your home. Her your garden seat and table can be of wood or usually metal since this furniture has to bear heat and rains in every season. Select the material which you feel comfortable with and also which is tough for your feng shui garden. Have a pond or water feature in north and west and have wooden seating arrangement and table in south and east direction of your garden. Though the bets location for seating arrangement in your home garden is north west.
Part room or entertainment room is another important room that is seemingly becoming popular. In feng shui entertainment plays an important role in improving the energy of your home. As you feel happy and energized after having party and functions you can have furniture according to the elements of your house area. Usually music systems and other equipments are placed in the west and you can also have it in the n north as these area correspond to the metal element it is best to have entertainment room area of your home with furniture according to your tastes and needs. Party of friends will have informal furniture and a more informal seating arrangement where as senior people who love to party will have  more comfortable seating arrangements and tough furniture. Select furniture according to the element in feng shui.
Servants room furniture is of utmost importance as we all know the role of good domestic help in the  harmony and happiness of our life. Having servants room in the north west or east section is considered good. You need to have good cook and reliable domestic help so place utmost importance in your helpful friends area. You can have their bed and wardrobe or cupboard according to the direction of your house. If the servants room falls in the east have wooden furniture and if in the west of north have metal furniture.
All in all have knick knacks to balance the energy of each room and you can always use feng shui simple cures to fill in the missing parts of your home. Select simple cures and improve the feng shui of your home.
All the Best!  

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