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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Fruitilicious Kiwilicious Feng Shuii Dining Kitchen Paintings Best Placement of Art in Feng Shuii Kitchens

 Dining, Kitchen Feng Shuii forms a major part of feng shuii homes after the living room. While we divide the important sectors of the energy of living room and balance these with the element theory and Ba Gua knowledge to our best the most important part of home feng shuii is the kitchen.
Reiki symbols Paintings for Kitchen Dining Area

Good Fortune Stroke of Luck

Kiwilicious Modern Feng Shuii Healing Paintings Dining Area
Great feng shuii kitchen reflect positive welcoming vibrant energy of harmony and happiness. the colors bring about joy, good health and thus bring in wealth and prosperity in the family.

Right from wall colours to kitchen dining area decor to the table decorations and display there are some simple yet really effective tips that will bring in good health, harmony, wealth,  and success.As we advice to choose wall art carefully in kitchen areas we also advise to place some fruits, especially feng shuii wealth symbols like oranges, apples, pomegranates and grapes. all these in feng shuii symbolize wealth and prosperity. Fruits displayed on the dining table or side table in kitchen area can be real (that is best) and also artificial in a golden basket.
Which is the best area to hang wall feng shuii paintings?
1) Choose the area that is less used and also an important one. we don't want paintings to be covered in oil and grime of cooking! choose a place away from fire sources.
2) Above the dining area is one of the best places that feng shuii wall art can activate and help attract positive health energy. choose a beautiful fruits painting, floral feng shuii painting  or colourful abstract for this area.
3) Where the lady of the house / the cook spends most time-this is another important area as the cook transfers their personal energy in the food which is spread over the family. Motivational, vibrant, energy, inspiring art helps here.
4) Entrances of Kitchen are very important. No wonder dull kitchens show poor health energy in family and also they spend very less time in kitchens and most time children take their plates to their rooms, which is not considered good in feng shuii. Have at least one meal together, feng shuii energy art helps to keep family bonding.
5) Activate wealth in your kitchen with feng shuii art- find the prosperity sector and have orange tree painting or fruits painting here. Pair energy is good for wealth sector.
While choosing Dining, kitchen area wall art do take care of the following-
1) avoid muddy colour abstracts
2) Avoid dry trees and barren trees art
3) Avoid too many people in paintings, like a busy market.
4) Avoid fire images of burning objects,  in the kitchen wall art
5) Avoid abstracts that have sharp pointed shapes. Usually with my knowledge in art and feng shuii as a feng shuii consultant I would advise you to avoid abstract paintings as they do not show any clear direction and have confusing energy.
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