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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Activate Bedroom Feng Shuii with Bed Head Board Three beautiful ways to activate bedroom feng shuii use the head board

Simple bedroom decor tip to activate feng shuii bedroom energy can be to use the head board of your bed.In Feng Shuii Masters lay a lot of importance on head board of bed. It must be firm, stable and this area above the bed is very important in your bedroom as this energy coming must be of relaxation and replenishing  one. Also if you choose wood that is the best material for bed.
Feng Shuii healing art above the bed area head board

healing Art above the bed head board area 
bedroom feng shuii has to be more soothing passive and slightly on the yin side to help your body to rest well and wake up refreshed.
Head boards need not be boring coloured walls,   and you can get really creative with your bed head board area.
use this for your benefit by hanging feng shuii bedroom cure paintings and healing wall art.
Three beautiful ways to activate bedroom feng shuii and use the head board area-
1) Colour the walls above bed area, and hang a pair of feng shuii framed healing paintings. Secure them well as loose hung frames produce shar energy and have fear of falling.
2) You can use large canvas healing paintings above the bed area to give support and nourish your body. This looks like a creative head board, and also heals!Again see that the large canvas is well secured to the wall and does not hinder easy movement and sleep positions.
3) Best feng shuii wooden head board, painted with beautiful symbols can act as a one of a kind unique bed head board. You can get the wooden board painted by a healing artist and then fix it to the bed while making your furniture.
God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!
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