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Saturday, May 5, 2018

7 Reasons why Feng Shuii Gold Fish Cure Painting can go seriously wrong!

Can a feng shuii cure painting of fishes go wrong? well , yes!
Gold fishes, Sernya as they are known in Tibetan Buddhism are a pair of Gold fishes swimming happily. These gold fishes are best cures to attract wealth, happiness and prosperity.
Gold Fishes Sernya
What can go wrong?
1) If you hang it near entrance, like the water and fish tank that is to be avoided near entrance main door, so also artworks of fishes are to be avoided near main door.
2) If you place broken/incomplete fishes sculptures they will create shar energy.
3) people love art and choose abstract fishes, that seem to have no shape or direction, in feng shuii we advise clear images and colour of cures.
4) In your bedroom! No! please! always water and symbols of water , fishes paintings must be hung with a lot of care. If in doubt, better to avoid paintings  of fishes in bedroom.
5) Going in opposite directions? it will bring the same energy to the viewers and people living in the space the artwork is hung.
6) Angry, sad, blank look of fishes in the paintings will reflect the same emotions to the viewer.
7) Outside the main door, not advisable. It may affect relationships of the inmates, spouse, either one or both of the couple to have flirting nature, roving eye and they will spend more time away from home. Seriously may lead to arguments , in worst cases where the other feng shuii sectors are not balanced also,...separation.
Yes, the gold Fish cure is the strongest for family bonding, love and unending loyalty,  to attract happy relationships and wealth, Choose fishes with care and hang them with care!
Best placement North! if in doubt, ask!
I will be happy to guide you!
Thank you for coming by Feng Shuii Simple Cures!
Rizwana  Mundewadi Wishing You All the Best!

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