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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wealth going away from you?check this 3! and 3 strong feng shuii tips to attract wealth

infected plants 
Wealth, money going away from you? main Feng Shuii reasons are so many but a simple one which no one takes notice is house plants. Have you ever given this a thought that many times even after hard work money just doesn't stay with you.
So many feng shuii cures people try, many of them the horse shoe cure which they buy online, made of plastic or iron. Then they add Gold fishes poster that has coloruful fishes all swimming in different directions. Another feng shuii hazard seen as cure, irregular shaped objects and abstract art with no focus. 
So things that can go wrong are many and yet people simply blame feng shuii saying nothing is happening!
wealth going away-
1) check house plants-if they are dried, sick, infested with pests, no wonder you will feel energy drain, low motivation to work, and  wealth will go away.
2) Leaking pipes and taps, cracked pipes, hm, ever thought the one tiny drop continuously dripping from taps can seriously affect feng shuii wealth?
3) main door feng shuii, I always say double check main door feng shuii!so important is main door feng shuii that I have seen wonders when this area is activated and even major hurdles are solved by activating the main door entrance feng shuii. wrong placement of horse shoe, water features wrong placement at entrance, and door knobs and locks of main door, check these, activate with cleaning greasing and making them easy  to use, you will see the difference in wealth. 
sharing 3 simple strong feng shuii tips to attract wealth-
1) Use the entrance for benefit. It will never let you down! main door feng shuii!
2) The wealth sector is south east. Simply add pair of plants, see that they grow happily, you will see wealth flourish in your life.
3) The kitchen feng shuii. activate with symbols of wealth. Use fire, water and metal in right combination and attract wealth. Did you add up the bowl of oranges on your table? 
The Barrel of Golden Apples  Vase and Pot paintings
Feng shuii never fails, if done properly with pure open heart!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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