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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Avoid These Two Numbers in Bedrooms Most Important Bedroom Numerology Feng shuii

Bedroom Art
Your bedroom is one of the most important feng shuii space that affects your life after your living room. whenever we activate feng shuii for any home we always focus on two rooms , living room and bedroom.
While people add up beautiful feng shui paintings and feng shui love cures they hardly pay attention to the number aspect. Unknowingly your simple mistakes in bedroom decor brings in negative energies in your bedroom and affecting your thoughts and life.
 wall Painting Display
Always when decorating your bedroom or refurbishing with feng shuii cures think about the basic Yin yang energy this space requires. Bedrooms need more Yin and not too much yang , but yes, even some Yang is required to maintain the harmony.
Think in pairs!
Healing Side table art
Everything, objects,decor elements, side tables, wall art.
never must you add up any piece that becomes the third in the decor part. This unknowing brings in energy/entry of third person in life.
By third person entry I do not mean always the spouse is of a doubtful nature, will have an  extra marital affair. It simply means third person comes in, it can be some relatives , in laws, friends who come in your life and influence your thoughts and emotions more strongly and this interferes with your family home harmony and peace.
Especially wall art above the bed has to be in pairs only, whatever you choose, even if it is  healing art, always hang these artworks in pairs only.
Another number to avoid in bedroom feng shuii is one. Try to avoid objects or art that strongly depicts individual power or single individual. Such inspirational power symbols are good for office or work spaces to boost up your morale and confidence.
Wall Art
All the Best from Rizwana!
Thank you for coming by Feng Shui Simple Cures! All content and Paintings, Photos are my original, Do not copy for fear of Karma!
All the Best from Rizwana!


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