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Monday, October 30, 2017

What is this white powderr? Salt 9 ! Magical Salt in Feng shuii!

What is this white powderr? this was a curious child, and then I knew you just cannot hide anything from children! however smart you act they look innocent but the minds are 24 hours detectives! So began this post. Salt!I said it is salt! but why is it kept open? it has to be kept on the dining table, we hardly have any humans around, me and my husband, so I kinda have got too comfortable with our feng shuii cures!!!
magical, most strong and powerful, cheapest, and effective feng shuii cure for so many things in life!
Ever wondered what salt can do for you? 
no doubt as good as salt, was a famous fable still well known about salt being the most important ingredient of any dish, yes, true, even a small pinch more makes the dish not so good and a pinch less affects its taste. 
Salt, rock salt is very effective purifier of energies and auras. I have been suggesting this to so many people as feng shuii cures since past many years and not a single one has denied its positive effects on life situations. Sharing some practical and effective simple cures, information on salt cure.
1) keep salt , hidden,  in any room that is heavy with negative energies, and you will see the salt becomes muddy , watery fast and replace this, often till you see changes.
2) salt can be used effectively in healing relationships, if there are a lot of arguments among the couple and misunderstandings. keep salt hidden in bedroom.
3) salt can be kept in children's room, of course out of their reach , and well hidden(children are the most inquisitive souls!) if your child has health issues and has spells of anger, irritability or low academic grades.
4) If you face negative energies from neighbors,  be it relationships,their main door or their glances, salt hidden and placed near main door will surely change their attitude.
5) Did you know if the cook in kitchen has negative emotion it is transferred to the food they cook and this negativity is passed to the eaters. Put some salt, see the changes!
6) Does your vehicle give you hard times, keep some hidden salt crystals.
7) Money not staying in your purse!keep a few crystals of salt. (be careful to keep this in proper packing so that your belongings don't get messed up. You will do balanced expenses.
8) Unable to get along with office colleagues, try the salt cure!
use this with proper method. Replace and change it within the days I mention. Place it in the direction I suggest for your case. Use the containers I suggest for your individual case. feng shuii cures are really very simple yet the procedure is important, simple steps when done correctly show you miraculous results.
Salt is my favorite if used properly with correct guidance and placed in right directions, and has never let me down, in so many cases, Hope this helps! All the Best from The Red Pilgrim!
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  1. Hi mam please tell me which direction I need to place the salt and in which container? My maid keeps putting evil eye on us I can feel the negativity. Because of this my child keeps falling sick, please tell me where to keep the salt. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kirti, that is sad, please keep an evil eye cure in your child's room. Salt, best kept in wide mouthed open ceramic container.Hidden, any place where people cannot see it- like above or below cupboards,or, hidden spaces in corners that are covered with furniture.


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