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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Central Portion of house is open space feng shuii symbolism

If the house has central portion open, large modern homes may have an entrance and as we enter there is a square open space for garden, or a seating area, and there are rooms surrounding this space. Some people like this feeling of openness, the free space, gives a feeling of vastness and increased area feeling. 
So as we enter the door we are greeted by this open under the sky space, it may be open or may have glass ceiling above this center portion of the house. Many old large houses used to be like this and as joint families lived , they were given rooms surrounding this open central space.
During ancient times we would see, plants wooden seating furniture even stone structures like elephants that were placed in the centre of the home. this was how the elders managed the feng shuii energy here. It was a meeting place where the family would sit together. Also a way the elders would have a glance at all their children's rooms.
The symbolism in feng shui with open spaces in center of home-
Today the families are small nuclear and also not much is placed in the center. the modern decor items are soft, light and flowy and if you choose minimalist furniture there is light energy here. As you enter such houses the feng shuii chi just scatters everywhere and may not reach to every room. It is very important that you learn to conserve this chi coming in from the main door. Use simple feng shuii cures to hold this chi so that it can nourish your home and spaces. Having a large central tree in the central garden of your home helps a lot. like a centre tree or centre garden the energy here is of movement and openness. The majestic large tree will hold energy with its wide spread branches and spread it around your home. 

This is also one of the reasons why people have fountains that sprinkle water in the  home garden that is at the entrance or center of your home.  
The center of your home represents stability and strong earth energy is required here.
1) Grow tall plants in containers if you cannot have a garden or a huge tree. Avoid bonsai trees here. Chinese Goodluck Bamboo  is good.
2) Stone artefacts and sculptures like elephants bring goodluck. See that that two elephants do not face each other , this creates tussles among inmates. 
3) Furniture can be of wood or stone. Choose some large pieces. Stone also will do. 
4) Every door must be visible from the centre of the house. Use mirrors , this will share the chi entering to the centre from main door to all rooms. 
5) Keep some bright space for light entering the central portion . In case the roof is completely covered use some glass tiles, or coloured glass roof tiles to allow fresh chi to enter the space.
6) Fountains and water features also spread happy energy. fish tanks must not have fighter/aggressive fishes.
7) Best tree for center of your home is champa frangipani tree. I know there are myths and lores about this flower of joy tree, but it brings immense goodluck. If given respect this tree blesses amazingly! If you are hesitant please do not plant this tree. you can have any other tree that spreads branches widely. Trees have strong Mother Earth energy and they bless beautifully to the whole house.
8) If the central portion of your home has broken furniture or broken objects it will affect adversely your health and wealth and peace of mind of the whole family. 
9) Keep the center of house clutter free and put feng shuii cures to hold the chi entering from main door so that it does not spread erratically and does not leak to the above open sky int he centre of your house.
Hope this helps!
Pots of Goodluck

Wall art for Feng Shuii

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