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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Feng Shui Tips for Developing Music Hobby Guitar Playing in Career as Rock Bands

Children and adults all have hobbies and as some use this music for passing time and hobby some people lead this activity as a career and full time work to earn money and living. Rock bands are many and people making music are in great numbers. Every few months we see new rock bands coming up and albums of music released from many music companies. Is it only talent that these people succeed in coming forwards or is there a factor of feng shui luck which we can tap to activate fame and recognition luck. Let us see here in this article I will suggest few simple f eng shui cures , tried and tested which will help you to achieve your dream of becoming successful rock band or musician or music band.
Creativity and fame , two areas which will need critical evaluation first. The north of your career luck, the south for fame luck and very important the north west for helpful friends and travel luck, Remember no work can be done when this area is stagnating with low or negative energy. The north east section, the most important section will help to attract good helpful friends in your life who will not only guide you about opportunities, but also teach you to play good music guitar or any instrument. Good teachers and guides will come your way and friends will share activities and openings for your musical albums and thus you will also be learning new skills in playing guitar.

1) The south section of your living room, personal room or music practice room must be kept clean and always lighted. 
2) Do have red colour here to activate this area and bring fame luck into your life. 
3) A red feng shui painting would be great 
4)  red and orange guitars displayed here, or an painting of red guitars , colourful guitars and musical instruments would be great to activate feng shui fame luck for you and your rock music band.
5) You are a new rock band in need of opening you may take a coloured photograph of all the members of your band and display it in the north west section of your band practice music room. 
6) Keep all your guitars and music instruments clean 
and of course keep making good music. 
Practice, practice, practice...and connect with people, connect and invite people , offer to play at social occasions in family and friends circle.  
7) West , creativity sector, activate with your instruments and awards  or recognition symbols. Photos of successful shows.
8) Your music albums, records, in north for attracting more opportunities to perform and earn wealth from this hobby /career. 


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