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Friday, August 17, 2012

Bedroom Wall with lot of Different Size Mirrors Feng Shui Simple Cures

Bedroom wall with a lot of mirrors hanging, different sized mirrors, feng shui cures for this case
I have a wall in m bedroom that has a lot of different size mirrors on it someone told me this is very bad especially in the bedroom can you tell me why??  oronakathy1965 Sent from my PANTECH Burst™ on AT&T
Yes mirrors are considered bad in feng shui, though many interior designers now promote mirrors to make the room appear larger and bright more spacious. Fancy mirrors and contemporary designs are available in mirrors.
 Does the mirror reflect your bed or seating area in bedroom?  then it is considered very bad in feng shui. Mirrors are one of the most powerful feng shui cures used in feng shui but at the same time they are the most powerful tools to harm also. The Ba Gua mirrors and convex and concave mirrors are examples of how mirrors can be used to deflect negative energy and shars towards you.
1- As the Chinese believed that when we wake up at night we get scared, shocked,  by the vision of ghosts, our reflection in the mirror in darkness. This creates bad negative chi in your bedroom which is not good.
2- There is also a belief that the soul comes out at night and leaves the body and gets scared when it sees its reflection in the mirror, this creates health problems with disturbed sleep and bad dreams.
3- The Reflection of the couple sleeping also is not good feng shui, the mirrors reflect the experiences and energy of the whole day and this energy is transferred to the sleeping couple. The purpose of the bedroom is for relaxation and re-energising or replenishing energy to the body,  which is not fulfilled here in this case, many couples heading for divorce with lots of arguments and bickering taking place when there are too many mirrors in the bedroom. With fancy mirrors or full length mirrors reflecting the bed there may also be many external interferences within the couple as their life become open to everyone  like a mirror.
4- If the mirrors are a collection of small pieces, like the fancy and contemporary mirrors available today,  and reflect different body parts in sections then again this may lead to health problems, as in case of half body reflections, eyes only or hands only reflections seen in the mirror, some also have many faces seeing in the reflective mirrors which creates a misleading image of the viewer. The viewer may also have a wrong concept and confused outlook in life , career and all areas of life , again leading to loss of relationships, career and wealth..
It is advisable to either cover the mirrors at night or move the position of the bed.Do share your experiences with mirrors.

All the Best from Rizwana! 
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