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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Care of your Amethysts Stone or Artefact

Amethysts stone is a purple coloured stone but after few years people have mentioned that the stone may turn white or pale. Now belief is that the stone has absorbed the negative energies form the wearer and the environment. Sometimes even the stone may crack under extreme negative energies. Now I do not know about this but during a healing session my healing stone necklace did break unknowingly scattering all my gems, this was a shocking experience and though I had maintained calm, I did understand the high frequency of negative energies around the person who looked cheerful and happy from outside. Do not wear cracked stones as the stone loses its healing powers after cracking.
How to take care of your precious amethyst stone jewellery or artefact is very important as faded and cracked pieces of purple amethysts do not look good and also have reduced healing properties. Though cracked amethyst has not proved to develop any harmful energies, in feng shui we believe to avoid any things cracked as there is leakage or energy drain of positive energy. It is better to change the stone if it has cracked, be it your finger ring, your bracelet or your necklace and avoid wearing the cracked stone.
Purple Amethyst
Try to avoid using amethyst stone in extreme climatic conditions. That is too cold or too hot avoid direct exposure of sunlight as according to gem stone experts chances are that the stone may fade. Sometimes the amethysts stone is dark purple on purchase and then turns lighter after few washes and bathing. Here the stone may not be an original gem stone or may be just glass. It is better to buy amethysts from authentic gem stone suppliers and gem stone jewellers.
The amethysts stone is best fitted in hard metal and people prefer to set it in silver or platinum metal. As with gold usually people avoid this stone with the healing properties and golden colour of soft metal gold not matching with this stone. White metal or white gold also may be used but preferred metal is platinum because of its strength and stability.
While cleaning your amethysts pyramids or crystal balls or towers do try to clean them with soft muslin cloth as rough surfaced material may bring about scratches on the soft stone surface. The stone artefact must also be placed away from direct sunlight and blast of air from the window. Place your amethysts statue or artefact it in a cool and dry place protected from direct sunrays, wind and also air conditioner vents.
All the Best!  
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