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Monday, August 13, 2012

Difference Between Healing Art and Colour Art Therapy - by Reiki Master Rizwana Mundewadi

  Healing with colours, using symbols for healing along with colours , as I am a trained Reiki Helaer and spiritual person I tap the energy from the universe and channel it to the receiver.I am just an observer and a pure channel. Just a simple soul on my spiritual journey...
Art therapy has been in news since many years where therapists ask patients to paint with any colours and any shapes they like. the art therapist then observes the colours selected by the client, the abstract paintings are then analyzed by finding hidden meanings in the art. An art therapist understand the emotions of the patient and tries to suggest treatment and counseling according to the analysis. Some people use black paint while some paint the whole paper red! there is just a blob or there is a picture maybe of some animal, bird, tree or just anything has been bothering the mind of the patient. The clients are also given picture cards to give their opinions on this. I think this somewhat explains in simple what art therapy constitutes of, according to me, I am not trained in this so a therapist may be a better person to explain this. .
Healing art also uses colour as a therapy constituent but colour is only a small part of this therapy. I use symbols , maybe calligraphic symbols used in any religion or my Reiki symbols which have been proven to give excellent results, especially in curing mental blocks and karmic imbalances or past karmic influences.Here the artist becomes a medium to spread the message of love and healing and the symbols amplify the power of the positive intentions. As an healing artist my first aim was to help heal the earth. Being close to nature .. . doing my little bit, maybe a speck in front of this whole world, but no matter even a dot it fits in the plan of the universe. Each one of us can sit in quiet and help heal the earth , by sending positive thoughts and pink love white golden energy to the mother earth.
Passing the reiki energy through the chakra system and healing by the chakra colours I am my self on the spiritual journey and the best part is as I heal others I myself get healed. I have been Buddhism is a very pure religion where Gautam Buddha has preached  principles to follow, one being humble, simple and without any attachments, it is attachments that create problems and most karmic problems, health problems, money problems and relationship problems have been linked to this .

Healing art helps one to connect to the true self. These are artworks that may have a particular symbol or combination of symbols that will influence the psyche and the mind of the viewer with a proper channeling of the energy put up by the healing artist. The intentions are important for the healee to get healed.
All my healing paintings have been painted with the intentions according to  the symbols  used and explanations given by me.The symbols are very simple but powerful and only a qualified Reiki Master can use them , otherwise they are just lines! and the healing paintings are colourful expressions of my therapy. Viewing the healing art people often connect to the symbols for which their lives need energy and the healing goes in that direction.
There is no overdose here as positive energy will only help the best part of Reiki energy is it applies universally, means you will not only heal of your problem but the positivity will be visible also in other aspects of your life.
It feels nice to see what some one observes in my art the other may have a totally different vision of the same healing painting. Portfolio
While on this spiritual journey as I continue to make healing art...
I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.
All the Best!  
For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings, good luck prosperity paintings  or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

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