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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Get Awards, Medals, Certificates with Feng Shui

We hardly know anyone who would not like recognition and awards in life. As we dream of success in education and business everyone in the heart wishes to get good recognition awards. For children in school and colleges parents wish they get good grades and rewards in form of awards, medals and certificates of honour. Let us see how feng shui principles can help us to achieve good education luck and also where to display such awards, medals and certificates of honour.
Small children when participating in sports get certificates, medals and as they grow they also participate in inter school competitions and inter college fests. If your child is not able to participate in any social activities you can try simple feng shui cures to activate education and fame luck. Clean the north east section and make a library and study desk here. It would be advisable to have a light , beautiful lamp that focuses on the study area of your child. By lighting the lamp daily before sunset keep the energy of this area high to activate education luck. You must a so have systematic customized shelves to keep all your child's books and activity folders in proper order. Clutter in any form creates negative energy and customized solutions in furniture help to keep the clutter at bay. By lighting this area you give a signal to the universe that education is very important in your life and also in your child's life. Thus making them alert and active in studying and reading habits.
When your child gets awards, certificates or medals of honour give respect to these achievements. Even if they are simple certificates of paper, do appreciate them and display them in your child's room or study room. All sorts of encouragement will make them happy and encourage them to work hard and achieve more good grades. The child's bedroom furniture must be according to their age and all things can be sorted and arranged well according to their age requirements and personal hobbies. Let the creativity flow with activating the feng shui creativity section of your child's room. The west area corresponds to children and the ruling element here is metal.
Simple feng shui cures for education and achievement luck can be done in your home. Have awards and medals displayed in glass door shelves so that they can be visible daily to everyone as this is a form of pride for your child and you and also encouragement for future awards. Have a picture boards or display board for pinning up his small achievements like essays and drawings.Follow these simple easy feng shui cures for inviting good recognition luck. Also do remember that activating a single area will not give you the same intensity result as when you apply total feng shui  cures for your whole home and office for best results. Invite chi into your child's life and make way for awards, medals and certificates of honour and recognition.
You may also activate the creativity section of your living room so that all people in the home benefit from this luck. Take care to keep this area clean and dust free so it is advisable to have closed door shelves with glass interiors and doors which are good for visibility and also prevent dust accumulation. Display all awards, medals and certificates of all members in this section for best chi into this area. They can be educational qualifications, sports certificates, competition certificates, activity grade certificates and just any objects of recognition.

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Remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for all the rest there is feng shui.
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