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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Feng Shui Customized Spaces for Clutter Clearing

With the availability of customized furniture people have the option to make any size and according to the space available the furniture of their requirements.  In feng shui we lay utmost importance on clutter clearing . in fact many problems in life, career, health, business, love, education have been targeted to clutter that is responsible for accumulation of negative energy.
Customized spaces means all the furniture is made according to the space available in your home or office. Considering your lifestyle and requirement needs the interior designers make special designs to accommodate your personal likes, preferences and colours in your furniture. The most important advantage of this is there is no scope for collecting extra pieces of furniture as we go about window shopping and buy any piece we like and on display it turns out to look like a sour thumb along with the other furniture pieces.
The first step towards clutter clearing is to plan and organize all furniture, materials, books, wardrobe, antiques, things. Organization is the key to success in any field.  For making great feng shui energy for your home and office, see that things  have a proper place. When you go searching for the red top it must be in the wardrobe along with the other tops and not be in a heap of clothes. When your child needs to complete assignment he must be able to located all the materials needed for this activity in his study table or study cupboard.
Advantages of customized spaces-
Your home or office looks attractive and well planned with customized spaces. The first appearance of your home is a great feng shui start for positive energy and when all is arranged well then there is positive chi surrounding your home and office.
You do not accumulate extra items of furniture to create clutter when all your furniture is customized..
You learn to store things in proper sequence and manner as with customized furniture all the shelves are made according to the available things to be stored and your needs.
You are alert and know where to locate anything when in need as there is a place for everything, a home for everything in your wardrobe and wall unit.
You can make furniture according to the elements of your home or office as per feng shui rules. If the living room is at the east , wooden furniture will help to balance energy. If west or north, then metal or wrought iron furniture will not only look contemporary but also balance the elements of your home and office.
Your life feels in control when you are in charge of all the things in your home and office.You feel more confident, happy and open to new ideas in business and studies.
You attract good luck and prosperity along with great money luck with customized spaces as there is no scope for clutter.
Your family life becomes organized and you attract love in your life as well as existing relations between spouses improves.People often have the tendency to accumulate things and keep bedrooms disorganized as they are the most interior section of your home where hardly others can see. Only the living room is kept spic and span which affects your marital life and love life drastically. each and every space of your home and office needs to emit positivity.
Feng shui for money luck, feng shui for business luck, career, marital, education luck everything bottles down to the main culprit , accumulation of clutter and customized spaces help heal this aspect of your life.The mention of clutter clearing is there in all feng shui problem cures as this is the most important tip to jump start positive energy in any field. Right from huge feng shui furniture pieces to customized feng shui name plates to customized door mats all will help to balance the elements of your home and office as well as attract positive chi in.
All the Best!  
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