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Saturday, August 4, 2012

How Important is it to Meet an Artist in Person - by Rizwana Mundewadi

How important is it for an artist to meet other artists in person.

In the year 2000 when I had first displayed my works in group shows had I met few artists in person, though as I was amateur with my art I did not even talk much, than the usual talk!
After a decade visiting the hill station Manali Himanchal Pradesh Roerich  Art Gallery it was another new experince in my life, meeting a spiritual artist who was doing symbolic artowrks, "Dhwani, or spiritual sound" was his theme, he had done huge artowrks and it was a treat to my eyes and my soul, though I still do not connect personally to anyone, why i do not know.?why do I become just another viewer and though I like the art but when I move ahead I just forget about it. It is a different genre, different from my journey, different from my thought processes...why do I lead a simple life, think in simple terms, and enjoy in the little things ...
Why do people always visit galleries. When I began I was advised to visit galleries, meet artists, learn about public response, see what is in demand...but over a decade I have been painting in a corner , secluded without much social contact, with my daily spiritual routine, reiki, music therapy, prayers,studying colours, textures, smell of paint, experimenting my personal journey continuing without much ho ha, and of course painting just what I like. On paper, on canvas as my budget permits and even on small bits and pieces! selling was never on my mind and still not when I paint as I paint for myself and diplay the artwork everytime I make a new one and enjoy how it looks, how it feels and how it communicates with me. I enjoy the healing process with always feelings of happiness and satisfaction, and wait when my babies will get a new home where they will spread their message of healing... spreading the message is important.
now I do sometimes see other people's art online when they invite or post on face book but that is that and even if I like it it never comes up when I paint.I am influenced by colours and as people fall in love I fall for attractive colours! good bright, fresh, pure colours, Somehow I feel each artist is different and even though many have painted on enlightenment we see each artwork totally different, there are rose paintings but totally different and there are Buddha paintings but totally different. there are landscapes, there are still life's ...that's the beauty of art!
I totally agree that we have to keep upgrading , learning, emerging, evolving and other wise we will become boring and stagnant as a person and as an aritist. Talking about art is also necessary as we become more confident about our art and as we open for communication we invite and link to more buyers which in the end matters for every artist.Writing has become another passion after painting and my life is much to paint much to little time...
continuing the journey and continuing to paint healing art...

I aim to make simple, colourful, and understandable art. Art that heals; Symbols that work.

All the Best!  
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