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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Feng Shui Tips for Doctors, Paediatricians and Consultants to Purchase Shop premises

Doctors and physicians are most important in our lives and we all need to have a clinic and hospital near our home. It makes us feel safe and as we see many clinics flooded with patients and their numbers and tokens given and people queue up for hours there are some doctors who just do not have any patients in their clinics. Why does this happen when both are qualified and where does this luck affect their career. Let us evaluate according to feng shui principles and here I suggest important tips and feng shui easy cures for doctors and paediatricians and physicians to purchase shops and premises for clinics.
1- Clinics need to be in important places, by this I do not mean posh areas but consider the roads and area before selecting the place or shop for clinics. The energy coming from many directions is a must for any doctor’s clinic to run. Consider many roads meeting towards your clinic or shop and many lanes coming towards your clinic, by this you attract energy from many directions, that is people from many directions can see your clinic and have access to your services.  
2- See the most important direction if you have the choice. Door to your clinic is very important and must be clutter free and open for public to enter. Nobody likes to enter dark small subways for any service. South east and south areas of any road are very good. Try to avoid having shop for clinic near public toilet, drainages, building basements as here the energy is stagnant and dull, and you as a doctor want to promote good health and people do not like to enter a clinic which is surrounded by bad smell and drainage water.
If you have a shop on main road all the good but if you have to purchase an inside lane shop consider the area and surroundings. Easy access is very important as sick people will not be able to make many twists and turns of road to reach you, unless of course you are the only specialist available in  the town! But do consider quiet and some peace as clinics and pediatrician clinics as well as physicians cater to the sick and too much noisy environment is also not good. The patients will feel restless and not come to your clinic in a very crowded environment.
3- Your board and sign, name plate must be visible from far away also. You have to cater to services for many people and so your name and service must be visible form far with bright lighted name board. Clear name along with your qualifications must be displayed above the shop and at the entrance of your clinic.
4- Directions must be clear as people must be able to reach easily to your place for services required. Select a place which has easy access to public and private transport and has a good road where vehicles can be parked. If the way is too long and narrow energy is restricted and by the way it reaches your shop from the road it diminishes to a small amount and your area will always be dull and gloomy.
5- Inside of your clinic must be appealing and soothing, a patient must feel relaxed when they enter the place. Entrance can have plants for good energy and healing paintings or colourful flower paintings can be displayed in the lobby and seating area. All rooms must be clutter free and organised along with efficient staff to handle patients and files easily and happily. While selecting shop consider the space available for all these areas and entrance of your clinic must have some place for welcome mat door amt, very important and when put with positive intentions your door mat will work magic in attracting people to your clinic. For a paediatrician handling children it would be advisable to have attendants and colourful toys with colourful paintings displayed on walls around to make the patients at ease and it has been proved that children love to enter paediatrician clinics where they feel at home and happy.
6- Avoid tall trees , electric poles, tall buildings, tall structures in front of your main door. Your clinic must be visible from out and far. Such thing create shars, in feng shui terms , negative energy. Though these can be remedied with simple feng shui cures but it is best not to select such a place. 
All the Best!  
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