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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Struggling Rock Music Bands Success Tips with Feng Shui

Music is the food for soul and as we see new rock bands coming up and new music albums being released with the latest topping the charts with fresh music ,if you are a struggling music band group you wonder about their luck and hard work and contacts in music filed. Yes work is required but there is also a luck aspects for success in music rock bands. Few simple feng shui tips for music bands who have been struggling, practicing and making good music,  and not seen the lime light after hard work.
Your music room or creativity section is most important. The area cannot be dull and gloomy with spider webs around . You need to light up the area and make it colourful and attractive for bringing in new energy to your work of making music. Most often we see that the musical instruments have not been tuned and cleaned well. So maintain all you music instruments in tip and top order is essential, in case any opportunity rocks on. Activate your personal corner by finding out your lucky number in feng shui and all the lucky numbers of all the band members. This number of people in your band will already attract good luck towards you. Display good colourful instruments poster or feng shui paintings in your home and music practice room. People also display sculpture of musicians or you can display posters of successful rock bands in your room.
You may activate the fame area by having red coloured candles, lamps or colourful wall with paintings of musicians and musical instruments. Have bird paintings, bird sculptures or bird artefacts a must for the north and north west  section for inviting helpful friends in your life and career. Keep music albums and music that you have recorded in this area in a closed wall unit, display shelf,  or shelf having glass doors so that you and others all see them and it does not accumulate dust.  The north east section for education luck can be activated by having a pyramid or education tower of a precious or semi precious stone, preferable the Onyx stone, which will help the band members to focus more and have single aim in life.
Remember to have paintings , sculptures or musical instruments artefacts in groups as you wish to activate the rock band group luck and work together , displaying single instruments or only works of single band members will not encourage all members to perform their best. Finally keep practicing and distributing your music Cds to new music companies and top famous musicians for appraisal. One very important feng shui tip here would be whenever you make and record a new music album display this poster or cover of this album along with the name of all the rock band members in the north west section of your living room, music practice room or music hall. 
All the Best!  
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