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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to choose an Amethyst Stone Selection Tips

The amethysts stone as a symbol of purity and spirituality used mostly by healers and for healing sessions is a purple coloured stone has universal appeal. The amethysts available in raw form also looks very beautiful and especially in the crystalline form it is a piece of conversation if placed in your home. The purified stone set in different shapes or balls, cylinders, cubes, pyramids and towers also are very common and used for healing purposes. There are many jewellery forms also available studded with the amethyst stone. Being the birth stone for Aquarius sign it is most beneficial for the February born, but none the less used by all for its beautiful colour and immense attributes of healing.
When you go to purchase amethyst stone jewellery or artefacts or just stone it is advisable to buy this from a certified gems tone dealer or jewellers. Since these people give you genuine quartz stones with a certificate you are assured that you get correct and genuine amethysts stone, than be fooled by a cheaper version of purple coloured glass. Usually glass I have seen looks more attractive, shiny and sparkling than the original amethysts stone. This glass after few days and  sometime of wearing turns into transparent glass and faded colour. And the answer the dealer will give is that the stone has picked up negative energies and become transparent or lost its colour and lead you into another purchase of costlier amethysts stone jewellery.
Amethysts Stone Crystal
Select the stone that attracts you, Never just look at the price tag but go with your gut feelings while purchasing an amethysts stone. The amethysts stone crystal, raw or ball sphere or pyramid will connect with you. Never purchase any amethysts stone on just the saying or conversation of the gem store dealer or jeweller. Your heart will connect to the right stone be it a finger ring, a pendant, or a bracelet, on wearing it you will feel an immense surge of energy and happiness, some people also feel alert, while some experience a moment of stillness and stability on wearing this stone. Reactions are different for different wearers for the first time. On placing an amethysts artefact on your hand or touching a statue of amethysts stone you will feel different emotions, remember to select the piece that connects to your the most, feelings of happiness, peace, and comfort. Especially for the finger rings, it would feel that he piece has been made especially for you, as the ring will fit snugly and comfortably onto your finger.
Try to look carefully at the jewellery or stone for any traces of impurities or cracks. Hold the stone, feel the surface and feel its presence and then go in for the final purchase of the amethyst stone. 
All the Best!  
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