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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Selecting Water Taps Bathroom Taps and Feng Shui Prosperity

Water taps , bathroom taps and feng shui energy , Water and prosperity are inter linked in and strongly connected in feng shui. With latest water features available for your bathroom feng shui energy of each tap, water feature, piece must be  considered before selecting any water taps.
Water a source of abundance  and since water brought growth and vegetation , in Feng Fhui water has been considered the most important attractor of wealth and prosperity.
The Golden Lady, This artwork is SOLD
Simple taps that had to be turned  with hands used to be set up and as advanced fancy water features are available now we also see many built in water showers, taps, massagers, hot shower panels and many more.
Without going into details let us discuss the main points of fen shui energy in taps. High pressure water taps, where you just open a part and the water gushes is very  good feng shui. The people staying here do not need   to put too much effort  and earn easy money is attracted by symbolic water taps.
Where you need to put extra effort, taps are jammed, taps provide a trickle of water, taps are leaking broken taps all are feng shui energy drainers of your home.
Prosperity is linked to water pressure in your home. it is also seen that some bath rooms   in your home have more pressure in taps while others may not have the same. Do  look upon the tap pressure from a new feng shui point. Replace slow pressure water trickling taps and see the difference.
Also very important to repair  all  leaking broken taps  of your home to welcome wealth and prosperity.
Meanwhile as water is wealth in feng shui and high pressure taps are considered very good to welcome wealth and prosperity, please do not waste this precious resource, water spent , used, is water lost, money going down the drain, do think about it.
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for the rest there is Feng Shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Two paintings of Water Near Entrance Symbolism
Water at Main Door


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