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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Having Marital Problems Feng Shui Simple Guide Understanding Healing Art for Energy of Woman and Man

Having marital problems , every couple faces these at some or other time of their life. With both spouses working there are always power struggles which when not solved may even lead to seperation or divorce. Understanding feng shui energy of woman and man would help a lot to solve many marital problems faced within families  and to get back to the happiness, peace harmony in marital life by following certain simple feng shui tips.
Understanding feng shui energy of woman and man helps to make better relationships and thus spread more love and happiness in the family and around. Marital happiness is very important and feng shui has clear simple rules and guiding tips for marital happiness. Healing art for male female balance helps to stabilize relationships and brings harmony.
Yin and yang as it is a universally accepted symbol little do people know the importance and meaning of this in form of energy. Energy we send out, spread is different in females and in males. As Woman is a source of energy, an energy giver, in from of mother, friend , wife sister and so on man on the other hand is a source of strength and stability.
Since ages it has been universally accepted that the man earns livelihood and supports the family. here I am not against working woman or male Dominated society. But just for the sake of explanation am discussing the following. Female   as supportive , encouraging, bringing out the best in male  energy, has been considered a divine source of energy in all traditions and religions.
Today most of the marital problems are coming due  to   this energy change and movement imbalance. A female has a certain characteristics and energy form whereas male represents and spreads an different energy form. Imbalance is harmful as nature does not like empty spaces   role changing has led to differences in opinions and role play of different sexes.
Woman a strong source of energy , yin, dark energy needs to be well balanced by yang energy of the male. In case you are having marital problems, constant arguments , relationships problems or heading for divorce, do consider looking up the feng shui energy of your family. Energy of each individual is limited and imbalance or extra demands  for energy will create disharmony and arguments in family life or in fact any relationship be it between siblings, friends or colleagues..
Is there an imbalance in roles you and your spouse are playing. In case the wife is working is the husband balancing with helping out in household chores and taking care of children, if not there is imbalance. What if the woman has become dominating due to higher qualifications and upper financial status? try to understand energy sources of yin and yang. This will give a better understanding of  relationships and also lead to happiness and peace in your family.
There are today happy families who have understood this concept and are satisfied in the new changed roles in family. Men today are also helping out  with family needs as the woman works along side in offices.
Feng shui tips in marital happiness help to ease out the extra strain and brings happiness.
The feng shui relationship area can be activated by hanging crystals in the south  west section and east section of your home. Not to mention counselling and open discussions about the role of each spouse in family and dividing duties according to energy balance would help to solve most of your marital problems.
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