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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Feng Shui and Balancing the Five Elements

Feng shui is the science of placement of furniture balancing the five elements to bring about peace, success and prosperity. It has been going on since the past many years but has come in the lime light throught he past few years. One can follow the five elemnets positive cycle to understand feng shui better. It is very simple and anyone can act on simple cures for the  problems faced in their lives. It is not a religion and can be followed by anyone of any religion as this does not require any rituals or do not have any dieties.
The five elements Earth, metal, water, wood and fire have to be well balanced in a positive cycle to bring peace and prosperity of the inmates of the house. Simply considering objects or paintings having certain colours representing these elements also helps harmonize the energies of that area. One can follow the map of five elements to understand which colours and objects correspond to that area. e.g for the south area it is advisable to hang paintings of red , orange or bright colours to correspond to the fame area. So also the north that represents the career and growth can be balanced by placing objects of metal or having blue colour paintings in that area that represent water element.
The misconception that feng shui requires major breaking and renovation work to balance or harmonize energies is false. One can follow simple cures without major changes and see the positive results. A good consultant will always consider the personal choices and requirements of each individual before prescribing any cures for problems.
(Harmony of Elements - Image by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi).

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