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Monday, October 25, 2010

Importance of Mirror in Feng Shui

Mirrors play a very important role in Feng Shui. Since time immemorial mirrors have been an important part of our lives. Elders used to advise to keep the mirrors always clean. This is understood now well because we see our reflection in the mirror and if it is unclean we see a dull and distorted image. This reflects on our mood and thinking and we feel depressed.
In Feng Shui it is always advisable to keep the mirror sparkling clean. This brings in positivity and helps reflect the negativity back. Never keep broken or dirty mirrors in the home as they reflect a distorted image of the viewer. Hang the mirror where sunlight can be reflected as this helps purify the mirror and it is charged with positivity. Keep an beautiful plant or artifact that reflects from the mirror and avoid dead plants or withered flowers reflecting from the mirror. One can hang a beautiful painting of fresh flowers or landscape that is soothing to the eye to reflect behind the mirror.
Mirrors are an eye of our soul and we always wish to get positive vibes from this. Being healthy and free of negative thoughts reflects in our image in the mirror and this in turn affects our mood for the day and in the long run also our whole lives. Hence always keep beautiful and clean mirrors and take care of where you hang it and what it reflects back.
Many decorated and fancy mirrors are available in the market and one has the choice of contemporary or traditional designs for a mirror. Always consider the size of the room and where it is to be hung before purchasing a good mirror. Feng Shui indicates that one must take care of what is placed behind the mirror. If the image is good it will reflect positivity whereas if the mirror reflects broken and leaking walls or dried and dead plants then it has an bad effect on the viewer and the inmates of the house. Mirrors are also used as powerful  cures for protection from negativity.

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