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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Plants as a Cure in Feng Shui

(Photo by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi)
Plants are a healthy way to enliven our living space and freshen up the atmosphere. Ever wondered that these same plants have an important role in clearing negative energy and blocking poison arrows. Negativity coming from neighbouring environment or noisy neighbours can be blocked by placing tall and foliage plants near our entrance. The plants lead our visual contact to them and thus we avoid the negativity coming towards us.
Remember that tall plants must not be a hindrance in the main door way. Consider even spiky plants that are a no-no in Feng shui but are proved to be the best cures to ward of evil energies. The thorns and spikes absorb the negative energy from the environment. Never keep thorny plants very close to self as any one may get hurt. Placing plants under a beam helps to balance the energy in the room. Never sleep or sit under a beam. Plants must not be used in bedroom as is mentioned by many Feng Shui experts. I feel small ornamental show plants can be placed to give a fresh outlook to our vision. May be it would be best to avoid big pots and plants as water and mud may become a breed of mosquitoes.
Plants can be placed anywhere and everywhere ..just keep in mind the utility of the place and the size of pot along with the plant.
Many wholesalers nowadays sell contemporary pots and ornamental plants that can enliven our environment. For using plants as a cure in Feng Shui think COLOUR and try to balance according to the map of five elements. For the children's study room if it faces the outside road or noisy peeping neighbopurs plants can be placed to block the noise and prying eyes of the outsiders. Even placing spiky plants helps to block negativity coming from drainage pipes and unpleasant views from the window.
Just go ahead and plant some good greenery around and in your house and do your bit for the environment!


  1. This is something interesting. Not all people consider plants as a help in energies.
    removing negative energy

  2. Try the different plants as energy enhancers for experiencing the effects of feng shui, it will surely enliven your mood and your home!


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