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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Feng Shui the Main Door

Feng Shui places a lot of importance on  the main door. The main door is considered the mouth or opening for the positivity and energy or 'CHI' to enter the home. If the main door has good feng shui then the inamtes of the home are happy, healthy and refreshed by entering the home. They get good sleep and are relaxed and comfortable. Also other people feel happy to be around such people. Whereas if the door has bad feng shui then the inmates suffer from health problems, financial problems and also sometimes seperation of spouses.and drain of energy.
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When you notice different doors an attractive and clean door always leads us to enter the house. So it is with 'chi' or positive energy. Even this energy is attracted to move into the house and if the door is cluttered then it does not get place to enter the home and returns back.Always keep the front door clean and clutter free. Never keep shoes and slippers lying near the front door. Free the entarnce from shoe rack and other junk materials. Keep the front door attractive and in easy opening motion. The door must always open to the inside of the home. Some people even paint their main door red to make it attractive. But it is advisable to paint the main door according to the direction it is placed in following the  feng shui principles. A green and healthy plant will always enrich the environment and also make the front door attractive and appealing.
One can also hang wind chimes and other decorative hangings over the main door to make it attractive and inviting. Glass hangings are the best as they also reflect negative energies back from the main door.
Also consider hanging religious symbols if you are comfortable with it over the door for protection. Symbols that represent growth and protection can be placed above or on side of the main door. Put the name plate and flat number of the owner in bright colour as also light up the main door so that it is visible during the night.
In very simple words keep the door clean and attractive. Every one has different tastes and selections for decorating so always go with your personal choices rather than on someone else's advice. See what you are confortable with. Many feng shui consultants advice placements of symbols and cures which are overly priced but the clients go in for this to get their main door feng shuid. See what suits your own personality and nature otherwise I have seen many individuals who constantly see the hung symbols and feel uncomfortable and negativity but still continue having them because some one else said so!
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