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Friday, November 12, 2010

Feng Shui Practical Workable Cures for the South or Fame Area

The fame area according to the map of Feng Shui is located in the south. This can be calculated using the indicator compass for directions. All the directions are divided into eight parts. East, West, North, South, North east, North west, South east and South west. The house can be thought of as a square area and these directions located.
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Golden Rain Ba Gua Blessings

Usually we go in for decorating the house according to our likes of artifacts and furniture. Sometimes it is observed that the new home or the new renovation brings about negative influence on our career and name. If it is observed according to Feng Shui usually the problem points to the fame and career area. The south area is the fame area which when positively charged leads to prosperity and good name in the work or business of the family members. Whereas if there is a bathroom or major drainage or leakages in this area it leads to person getting bad reputation and major losses in business.
If there is such a problem it is best to relocate the bathroom as this is the major hole where all the money goes down the drain. As it is Feng shui promotes to always keep the toilet lid closed and drains covered. If this is not possible consider growing a big plant that moves upward, is strong and balances the wood aspect for the south area. Keep the door of the toilet always closed. Hang big mirrors and place a very good scenery of mountains and green plants that help to focus on the positive image. Leakages must be immediately repaired and drainage pipes can be concealed by a painting or some artifact or sculpture that leads the eye away from the negative image. If there is water kept in this area please move it to some other direction, better in the north to improve the career and opportunities area.
Red coloured objects or paintings of flowers and green plants can enhance the positivity of this area. Also consider hanging your certificates and honours on the south wall for more improvement and progress in career and also recognition in your field. Try lighting a small candle or diya to remove the negative influences of poison arrows in this area. Please consider the safety of the family and environment before following any cures.
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