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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Clearing Negative Energies and Feng Shui

Clearing negative energies is the most important aspect that helps to create a peaceful and enriching environment. Many a times we feel that our energy is drained, we feel tired easily and there is lot of stress due to certain problems or individuals in our lives. Feng shui suggests that there are negative energies everywhere as there is positive.
Whenever there is an argument or bad incident in the home or maybe we had a bickering boss or neighbour we are stressed and we carry the negative energy with us. This drains our energy and we keep on thinking about the same negative incidents. It is very much im[ortant to balance the energy of the house and bring it back to positive.
1) Burning incensce is the best and easiest cure to ward off evil and negative energies. Close all door and windows and burn incense. Let the smoke cover and move to all nooks and corners of the house. After some time make the intention that all negative energies are burning and then open all the doors and windows to let out negativity and bring in positivitity. Let the fresh air circulate in the whole house and feel the results.
2) Mopping the house with salt water. It is advisable to take pinch of rock salt and wipe all the floors with this water. This can be done everyday or once in a week depending upon the problems faced by the i9nmates in the house.
3) Clearing clutter is one of the best ways to clear negativity and also free our mind for progress. Often we feel stuck up in home or business and our career does not show any psitive growth. Clear all things that have not been used for more than five years. Think of what you need and clear away extra goods or give in charity. Once you do this the things that have occupied space in our minds and made us live in pressure are released. We feel light and our mind is open to new ideas and this results in progress and getting new opportunities and moving on from the stuck up feeling.
4) Plants are also a very good cure to remove negativity. Placing healthy plants like bamboo or any other indoor plant helps to enliven our environment and also makes the air fresh. The groth of a plant helps us overcome negative feelings and gives peace.
5) Painting are also a very simple cure that can help remove negativity. Looking at happy and bright paintings helps to relax the mind. Flowers, beautiful landscapes and cute animals or birds help us to focus on the painting picture and we feel relaxed. Every individual must select paintings that they feel comfortable with and would like to observe over the years every day. Colours that give us peace and relaxation can be selected while considering buying a painting.
6) Symbols can also be displayed to protect ones home from negative influences. It can be a religious symbol or some thing representing like a dragon, in Feng Shui  for protection .

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