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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Attract Money Luck by Finding Feng Shui Wealth Money Area of Your Kitchen

Feng shui wealth and money area of your kitchen is often never looked on and as kitchen is the most important part of your home to give positive energy to all family members this is also an important wealth and money luck area of your home.
Money keeps going out more and does not balance your income according to your expenses look at the feng shui of your kitchen, you may get an important lead to keep money more in the house and also increasing it.
 How to find  out the feng shui wealth area of your kitchen?  following the feng shui Ba Gua map and the principles of the five element theory the prosperity and wealth area in your kitchen can be located easily by looking at the right hand corner , farthest corner of your kitchen from the door.
While you get this  spot , clutter free it as soon as possible, keep it clean , every day, avoid stocking broken furniture or other objects that are not working, like a broken shelf, stopped clock, broken crockery, uncleaned utensils, things not in use here. This is the wealth prosperity location in your kitchen and will influence the income of your whole family.
For  enhancing feng shui  money luck and attracting more money to you consider simple feng shui cures using feng shui colors of wealth, that is green, purple and red. A simple wealth cure for kitchen is to have a bowl of grapes in green and purple color, symbol of wealth,  indicating wealth and prosperity. You may also hang pictures or paintings of fruits in your kitchen to attract more wealth as fruits symbolize wealth, money and abundance in feng shui.
Floral Fantasy Raz

Vase of Grapes Cubism painting Razarts

The Champa Tree Rizwana Mundewadi

Outside my Main Door Growing Goodluck a Feng Shui Pots painting

Super Abundant large canvas 50x60 inches size Painting Razarts
Symbols of prosperity in this area of your kitchen helps to attract wealth energy into your home. Fake coins, paper money or silk made climbers with fruits also look very good in this area and can be used as feng shui cure for wealth.

In case you have your dining table here this is the best location to enhance it with mirrors that will double the food on the table. Also having real fruits in a bowl are the best wealth fengshui symbols  here in your kitchen but try to replace the fruits after eating soon and avoid leaving the fruit bowl empty on your dining table. 
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui. 
All the Best from Rizwana!
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