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Friday, May 3, 2013

Why Many Hospitals are Closing Down How to Feng Shui Hospitals for Harmony and Luck

Many hospitals though well maintained and very posh are closing  down.  How do we feng shui hospitals for harmony and giving the gift of good health to our clients and sick people. Hospitals in early days would be cold, with dull colors and huge corridors where anyone would feel lost and scared. It was just like that where people would have an eerie feeling. Not today feng shui has played a major role in transforming today's modern hospitals and this not only attracts customers but also helps them to heal faster and better.
Important feng shui tips for hospitals-
1) Entrance of your hospital must be wide, not narrow. The main gate always allows good chi to enter, positive energy, must remain free of any blockages. In the case of hospitals ambulances and large vehicles must be able to enter smoothly without any hassles.
2) Grow greenery, landscaped gardens near the entrance and the hospitals not only uplifts the environment but also makes the atmosphere fresh and purifies the air. A well balanced Zen garden also does wonders to the health of your clients.
3) The reception of your hospital;  must be welcoming and helpful. Most of the business done or income coming tot eh hospital is from here so if the staff and attendants are not helpful , clients would go away to another place, thus in other words taking away chi, business, wealth from your hospital.
4) Very important feng shui tip  which is not seen in many hospitals are landmarks, name plates and directions. Your customers need not feel lost in the big hospital. Hang proper direction arrows preferably in black color to allow people to locate the specialist  , consultant or physician required.
5) Theme hospitals also work wonders  to the feng shui of your hospital. Childrens pediatrics ward must be colored and decorated with cartoon characters and brighter  colors whereas psychiatric and other chronic disease wards may have healing art and healing paintings hung by for healing.
6) Use of texture , color and sound can also benefit the feng shui of your hospital. Bells and chimes of pleasant sound can help loosen the environment to a more friendly and approachable manner. The main four directions in feng shui can be considered for best results from feng shuing a hospital for good luck. Considering the element theory according to the ba gua map will guide you to proper placement of important rooms in your hospital.
7) The back door another very important, most neglected feng shui tool for luck and wealth.   many places the back door of hospitals are used as   dumping grounds. No attendants, quiet and gloomy back doors are not good for the hospitals well being. Just as the front door keep lights on the back door also. keep a check on the outgoing vehicles and hospital resources. This will benefit your hospitals wealth and prosperity. One of the main reasons why most hospitals have closed down doing poor business is the back door is often neglected.
8) Finally the reason why clients come to you, for getting better, provide the best services you and your team can to the patients. You will be remembered and those satisfied will also bring in new customers to your hospital.
Balance of Energies Symbolic Healing Painting by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Reiki Healing Painting by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Heal Complete Mind Body and Soul- Oil Painting by Healing Artist Raz
The positive chi , feng shui positive energy, coming inside if happy flowing loves to travel again and again same place, feng shui used for the benefit of the clients will bring good business returns and also help you to expand your hospitals to provide more better services to your clients. Healing art and healing colors can help attract positive energy into your hospital. Observing healing art also helps patients to accept their disease  and when used along with medical therapy get healed faster.
Before closing down any clinic or hospitals do consider few simple feng shui tips and simple feng shui cures for hospitals and try it, it works!
Heal Past Lives- Original Symbolic Painting by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Happy Healing!
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