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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Feng Shui for your Hair and Hair Fall Cures tips - Your Hair and Feng Shui Hair Styles and Tips

Feng shui for your hair, we all  know how everyone loves their hair, women and even men love their tresses. For healthy hair consider viewing some simple feng shui tips styles and cures for healthy looking hair. Hair fall a major problem faced by many  nowadays with this hectic lifestyle and unhealthy diet and excessive contact with gadgets and away from nature has lead to problems which were unheard of in ancient times.Hair fall, premature greying if hair, patches in hair loss, skin rashes etc.
Original Pen Sketch on Paper  Year 2001 by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Leaving aside medical health problems, hereditary hormonal problems of hair and chronic illnesses hair fall consider simple feng shui to brighten up and give life to your dull hair.
Feng shui of your hair focuses on the hair itself and then the individual. Consider the harsh chemicals you may be using for dyeing your hair, the colorants, the shampoos, the treatments done are a real torture to your precious tresses. Hair , their nature is  made of a material to bear the climatic winds , sunlight, water rains, snow etc and we expose them to man made environments like colorants, straightening, perming, curling, trimming them off at unexpected times!
They will get back, all this comes back in form of premature greying, hair loss, dull hair, frizzy hair and many other things changes which sometimes are irreplaceable. Advertisements  of hair products lure many to try out new products which most of us indulge in sometime or other trying our various hair products and treatments.
1- Give a breather to your hair. Whatever your profession, your lifestyle do give a much needed break from all artificial treatment sot your hair. they will love it and get back in shape.
2- Change, yes your hair also needs change. However good your hair products sometimes  change  your shampoo, conditioner and try out a new herbal product. Later you may get back to yoru original loved product.
3- The feng shui Clutter, yes hair build up, overtime   using colors, and various treatment hair sometimes becomes brittle, harsh and frizzy. Clutter here is in form of build up. Try massaging warm oil regularly and thoroughly clean your hair of all the build up, this will take a few months for your hair to get back to glossy shiny original.
4- Pamper your hair- a simple feng shui cure for healthy hair, regime of oiling , massaging,  cleaning, you love your hair they love you back. As of any area of your home, career or life your hair too needs the required time and care.
5- As for some hormonal and health problems look towards a healthy diet and sometimes even the right medical care helps to have healthy hair.
6- Applications like hair sprays, hair perfumes, hair make up gels highlighters, glitter and hair fragrances add up as build up on your hair.
Feng Shui Hair Styles-
Ever though of your hair style from feng shui point of view. Yes hair styles that make your look and feel great and bring out the best in you are great feng shui cures for improving your personality and personal chi.
Your hair style affects your overall personality and the way people view you. Consider going for a top position interview with frizzy open hair, will not be liked by many, and will in fact give an impression of carelessness and irresponsible type to your employers and boss.
The old maid style  of plaits and tied buns wold not go well with a collegiate who must enjoy various hair styles  and be of free spirit and full of energy.
Feng shui hair style works on simple principles- 
The hair style that makes you look good and feel good.
The hair style that goes according to your work, professional commitments and of course sometimes age, not always.  Your hair style will affect the feng shui of your life in general.
The hair style that does not affect adversely your health. Too tight or too loose hair tied affects blood circulation in your brain and head part which may sometimes lead to headaches.
Elaborate hair styles with lots of add ons, accessories may weigh too much on your hair affecting the health of your hair. Artificial clips, floral patterns, pins add up to hair breakages. Though your hair dresser will think otherwise it is upto you to decide upon the use of how many hair accessories.
Feng shui style your hair must look healthy and tied in a  style that sends out positive vibes to others and of course you are most comfortable with. Be it traditional plaits, two ponies, french plaits, buns,  side partings, curled, permed or hair left loose.
Colorful Stone Hair Accessories
Adding natural flowers and flower decorations also makes your hair attractive and decorative, go in for natural flowers as much as possible to improve the energy of
Beautiful Rose Flowers as Hair Decorations
 and around your hair
Get the complete look,  your hairstyle will give you that, if you follow  simple feng shui for your hair from time to time.
Take care of your precious tresses and enjoy healthy hair.
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  All the Best!
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  4. aana 1 yes hairfall is one of the major problems faced by todays youth , thanks for sharing this helpful link for my readers of Feng Shui Simple Cures, it sure will help many,
    All the Best from Rizwana!

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