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Friday, July 5, 2013

Setting Up Consulting Rooms of Physicians and Doctors Feng Shui Guide and Simple Cures

Feng shui for developing consulting practice and setting up clinics and consulting rooms forms  an important part in  the success  of any physician, of course, apart from their qualifications which are most important and their intention to heal.  Consultants physicians and doctors have to look at the feng shui area of their clinics and consulting rooms. All income and wealth when they have a good practice and are able to relax and heal many people.

 Select a shop or room  which has a  favorable  traffic of incoming and outgoing people. A road where many roads meet is best for setting up any consulting room or hospital.
Avoid buying shops or places where drainage stinking, broken pipes, dirty environment, as people, however sick they are  will not want to visit such a place to get better.
Avoid a shop where the road seems to come direct to the main door, have green plants  or plant (bamboo, peace lily) near the entrance or main door to purify the environment and maintain a healthy energy here.

The reception area must be spacious, clutter free and welcoming. Your receptionist must sit facing the door and attend to any patients coming in. Have  silk flowers, plants as they are easy to care near the lobby reception area.
Color in your consulting room must be in pastel shades  or white,  off white,  pink, light beige. dark colors  though are easy to maintain have an over powering presence and sometimes  make people uneasy. Minimize too bright colors  and you may have an artefact  or painting for welcoming chi.
Door of your consulting room must always open inside, welcoming chi inside, and must  be in good condition, creaking doors, broken knobs are bad feng shui.
Furniture and Cupboards, shelves may be of any pastel color. usually consultants prefer to have full tiles int eh  clinic as they are easy to maintain. Select plain tiles, white or off white for best energy. Avoid specific  figures (God images, strong  animal images, war images)  in tiles  as they may repel patients. Best colors for medical practice are still the traditional red and white, though now we see quite some impressive consulting rooms with an aura of success.
Hanging paintings of lotus or floral paintings and simple light colored  healing paintings improve the chi of the place  while making the patients more comfortable  and relaxed.
The Doctor Physician consultant room must be clutter free and organized. have ergonomically balanced chair  and table which has all the required things  in place, fax machine, printer if you need one, telephone mobile , lights have to be normal and specific lights need to  be installed  in case the doctor needs to view  Xray and other reports.
Fax Telephone Printer Computer  in Consulting Room
 Keep the place in front of your table free to communicate with the patients, and not block view  as  this makes patients feel uncomfortable and the doctor also looses out on the patients non verbal clues.
The consulting room must be fresh smelling but not with an over powering perfume liquid.
Sanitization and cleaning of the consulting rooms is of utmost importance  to maintain health of the place.
The patients examination, another very important  piece of furniture in a consulting room which is never though of much, feng shui is all about harmony and comfort, ease level. have the examination table at level which patients feel comfortable with, place a small foot table for them to climb the examination table.
Staff in your consulting rooms must be well dressed inc lean uniforms with an helpful and healing attitude towards your patients for  the success  of any consulting   practice.
Green Emerald gemstone healing

Evil Eye Cure wall hanging Show Piece

The  Crystal Globe Feng Shui Cure for Business Success and Wealth
As  for the table   of the consultant  there are many simple  feng shui cures for success. The Crystal globe on the table, an emerald stone for healing vibrations to you and your patients, white crystal for reflecting positive energy , avoid hanging wind chimes in clinics as they are disturbing though you can have a  welcoming bell with pleasant sound for calling patients in.

Lotus Paintings in Reception Area

Floral paintings in Consultant Rooms and Clinics
Feng shui of your consulting room is important for the success of any field of medical practice  and if you have not received the due you deserve and  even after putting up lot of expenses on furniture and renovation, maybe the feng shui of the place is not balanced,  try feng shui.
All the Best!


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