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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Buying Land and Property Feng Shui Tip Choosing the Right Shape of Land with feng shui

Buying land property for investment or personal use one can follow simple feng shui tips to see that the investment gives us good returns. Feng shui masters believe and state that the shape of the land or property is of utmost importance in deciding factor whether this will give your peace , prosperity and good returns or incur health problems and financial losses.
Many people are now opting for buying land and  constructing a customized  bungalow or villa according to personal needs or even buying land for investment purposes  as  rates of property are always on the upper graph.  While buying property land for making bungalow or villas  or just investment  it is important that you follow feng shui to avoid any losses in property deals.
First comes common sense,  the basic amenities and paper work   that is the title   of the property and land must be clear to avoid losses. Check  the documents carefully, take professional advice of property consultants and lawyers and then proceed, you will save a lot of tension and get peace of  mind with your investment. Whatever the offer never compromise on paper work and documents in  property and and deals. 
The shape of  the land is of utmost importance. Rectangular plots, square plots are best for any land or   property. Avoid land or properties with irregular shape, the feng shui masters believe  negative  energy moves with such shapes and there is no stability in energy here. Though such lands can be cured with feng shui guidance.  Round plots are confusing for chi as the positive chi moves around very fast and does not stop at any place so chi is confused, such places are either too hyper with energy, yang or  too yin and passive  dull.
Land must  have a narrow mouth, front side and spread wide at the back, end of property must be wide spaced. This brings lots of good luck and wealth as  with good feng shui energy. A narrow end blocks energy and with a wide mouth the chi is spread and diluted before it enters  your land or property to bring blessings.
Land for Sale
Too uphill or too low land is also not good and even lots of rocky land must first be filled before beginning construction to a flat level.
Properties with wide mouths bring ill health, financial losses  and unknowing unnecessary expenses, thus making this property a  bad investment. Money goes  off in directions  other than coming to your land thus  increasing stress and health problems for the owners of this land.

One must avoid buying property that has wide area in front and tapers  at the back. And when you are really getting a very good  deal and you buy this land,  A simple feng shui tip when you buy such a property would be to change the direction if possible of the main door of your property  , this will instantly change the ill effects to positive energy.
Buying Land Property for Investment
Irregular shaped land can be balanced and completed as a  square or rectangle with a water feature, landscaped garden or swimming pool.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui.
Thank You, All the Best!


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