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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shape of Ladders in Your Home and Office and Feng Shui

Ladders symbolic in feng shui for growth and prosperity as they take you above level  , a symbolic rise in your life and career, also matter a lot when selected in which shape. While an up going ladder gives you the extra push a wrongly selected ladder may be the hidden cause for your business and wealth downfall.
Since ancient ages we see homes and offices having ladders at the back sides and now in villas and bungalows there has to be a ladder   for connecting the house of different levels. While usually angled straight ladders are most common the spiral types also are seen in ancient villas and homes.
A simple angled slanting ladder taking you up is great. Feng shui masters prefer to have tow spate ladders for going up and coming down, positive chi energy coming in and negative shar energy going back out,  but this may not always be possible with space crunches today. Having a curved shaped ladder also allows chi to travel in slow motion as compared to the straight upright ladders which look dangerous and steep for climbers. Chi directly hits the upper floor with straight ladders and in curved ladders it has time to move slowly and energize the whole home.
Cork screw shape ladders are the most harmful as they may bring about the feeling of being fitted  tightly inside your home , just like we fit the cork to a bottle. It may also bring about feeling of entrapment and claustrophobia  inside the house for the inmates. Spiral staircases and ladders with metal designs allow chi to escape and does not reach the upper level of the home.
Ladders  without railings are also very harmful can fall   of while climbing or  coming down. It is best to have side railings and holding metal pipes rods for getting good grip while climbing the staircases and ladders. In case of open ladders a simple feng shui cure would be to have potted plants , sculptures, lining the ladders but take care that there is no risk of the pots falling sideways to the individuals walking       under.
Ladders and staircases are very good in feng shui as they help you to symbolically rise to another level, in your life, in finances, in relationships as well in wealth and business, provided they are fitted properly and in the right shape.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng Shui.
All the Best!

Golden Ladder  feng shui wealth oil painting on oil sketch paper by Mrs Rizwana  A.Mundewadi
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Love Blossoming Oil painting on Oil Sketch Paper Year 2012


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