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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Green Color Symbolism Meaning and Importance - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Green color a symbolic representation of growth and health. Feng shui colors can help to attarct energy in form of colors used. Color green in various shades and hues always brings one thought in our mind, nature.
Symbolising nature as in green leaves, trees, plants and always we see flowers in any color look great with a backdrop of green. In ancient times though the color green was used as a symbol of envy and greed. Green also symbolised sickness as in mould growth(spoiling of food), moss growth in garden(unkept garden) and green faces that were symbolic of envy and greed.
Even while painting walls people used to shy away from this color but now the contemporary interiors always boast of various hues and shades of flourescent and lime greens used to enliven the environment. You cannot just ignore the color green as it will enter your life and is embedded in any form or way somehow. 
Green as in feng shui hGreen Goldas given new meanings to this beautiful color. Growth as in nature is symbolised with the color green. Green Jade Elephants are quite famous as feng shui cures in many aspects of life. Love green jade stone, healing stone to bring good luck prosperity and good health. The jade plant, feng shui plant for wealth and prosperity,  with its soft mushy leaves is another great green , must have plant in your life.
Gemstones the birth stone of June, Emerald, who does not know the power of this beautiful green colored gemstone , and of course the rarity and the price! 

When used in paintings on canvas there  are umpteen number of shades and hues you can make and it is always said that a good artist never uses greens in nature painting directly from the tube. great artists always made their own greens. A bit of chrome yellow does wonders to your nature greens.
Also adding a little bit of prussian blue to yellow brings a great green. Adding white would very often spoil my greens and using emerald green, sap green or chrome green  was never the solution, trying out various green mixes I have wasted quite a lot sometimes , though used  the (muddy) color for base of new artworks.This tip helps quite a lot, never waste paints , paint it over empty papers or canvas  and use this as base a cover to paint your painting on this, you will see fresh bright colors  and your painting will come out with much better visual impact.
Use green in paintings and in your home only when you like the color as there are individual personal tastes.    Green being the color of heart chakra among all chakras, your emotions are always reflected in your works and life and with the heart chakra color being green this color helps heal  heart and attracts positive energy to your heart.
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim as I continue to paint healing art... I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.


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