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Monday, March 21, 2011

Feng Shui for Artists- Steps To Becoming A Better Artist

Following feng shui will help you to get better job prospects and offers from unexpected measures. Financial gains will be observed and gradually the individual will see an upward curve regarding finances. Very often we see artists and painters who are very good at their work and have attractive paintings but suffering financially. They may be struggling in their career and just managing to survive financially if they work somewhere!
Let us see how feng shui can help artists to become successful in their careers. First and foremost clear the clutter. Keep all your brushes, papers, paints and other art materials clean and dispose off what is outdated. Remove paintings which are not up to the mark and store them away form the view of the public as anytime a buyer may come unexpectedly and will not like the incomplete work, and there will go away your prospective sale!   This does not mean to keep the area spick and span as artist require inspiration to paint better so it would be advisable to have a display board, a sketch book to record ideas and colorful pictures for reference for getting ideas for new paintings. See whether you have kept any painting incomplete. This will affect your career negatively and you will feel stuck up in your future prospects. One can also display paintings around their home and on every wall. This will give the mind positive signal and will also be an announcement to the public of the profession of the artist. And you never know when an opportunity will come and by what means.
Visibility is very important and placing cream colored flowers in a yellow vase in the North West area will help an artist get better prospects and helpful friends in the profession. For getting opportunities one can also have a fish tank in the north, but care has to be taken to keep the tank clean and replace dead fish immediately, as they take away some of your bad luck. Keep your work area clean and be disciplined in your work. Having positive affirmations will attract career luck. Keep contacting other artists and art galleries as they will guide you in practical steps for progressing in your career. Keep your environment full with creative energy to get good ideas for painting. Avoid negative artists and those who have lost hope as they will demoralize you. One can also display a painting that is in red colour ont he south wall. Display your attractive and successful works on the south wall. This area corresponds to life energy and fame and recognition.
And lastly have a positive attitude. Remember how you eat, sleep and go to office, so also regard this profession seriously if you wish to succeed. Keep working hard and continue painting as a daily ritual. Luck only favours those who work hard and strive to achieve. All the Best to all artists! 

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