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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How Many Steps to your home or Office With Feng Shui Steps Symbolism in Feng Shui Right Number of Steps

The Majestic Taj Mahal Agra with many number of steps in marble
The number of steps leading to your home have immense  effect on your finances, health and prosperity. Steps, seen in houses, offices, tall towers and row houses, steps have an important significance in feng shui.
Today as we  see tall rises structures having drive ways leading to the buildings ground floor we also see steps made along to lead to the main entrance. 
Heritage monuments, old structures with many number of steps leading to the monument  symbolize the position, respect and higher status of the structures. First thing in common with royal palaces and monuments of religious significance all have one thing in common, they have many many steps which then lead to  the main door of the monument or palace.  A high command position given to the royals and kings, their palaces had many number of steps before any one could reach the entrance.
Steps going down the ground Feng Shui
Even sufi saints, markabs and dargahs all have many steps which then lead to the main  door. This has an symbolism in form of increasing the home or palace at a higher level than the ground.  With due respect the structures were constructed in such a way that the flowing energy does not come directly to the door of the royals, sufi saints dargah.
In other terms wind blowing with dirt, water flowing from rains or nallah all were at the ground level and these places were always constructed with a level higher than the road ground level. The positive energy thus circulated after being censored from the base, only  true pure energy would flow in these places.
Kings , royals and heritage structures as well as saint dargahs all have many number of steps to allow only the best of energy to enter the place.  It also symbolizes a form of respect and position to the person of position.
Steps  today we see in towers, corporate offices and royal bungalows and villas, all symbolize position, respect and upper position of the company.
Having odd number of steps or even number is decided with considering many other feng shui factors of the environment  as whole.  Usually three steps are considered very auspicious as three  is the number of creation, and according to numerology the most powerful number, an women gives birth to child, the number of creation and progress.
As for four steps it must  be avoided as the number four in Chinese pronounced is similar to death.
Steps going down must be avoided  as  we see shops and offices also below the road level and they have steps reaching down, not very good feng shui as the business may always suffer financial losses and downfall, or be under the maximum potential level.
Steps are a good way to attract more luck and finances towards your home. Many latest structures of many storeys have steps along with car drive ways. Now of course with lifts in every place we hardly get the opportunity to climb steps, even many are not even aware that this fast technology life with gadgets and tall rises has led to many hidden diseases like joint pains and hip joint problems. Hardly we climb steps in our daily life and once when we have to it becomes quite painful. Steps have a connection with body health and bone health and it is good to climb a few steps whenever we get opportunity.
Old structures and old heritage homes still have steps and though people with bone problems and knee joint pains,  arthritis,  have difficulty in climbing steps having at least one or more steps to a home is very good to improve chi and attract positivity, good health and wealth.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui.
All the Best!

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