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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Why Fishes Die Feng Shui for Fish Tank Cures Fish Tank care in Feng Shui

Feng Shui Fish Tank Cure Fish Tank Care

 Why fishes in tank die, we hear this many times, and people who bring about big sized fish tanks and imagine, expect great feng shui miracles for career and finance are at a shock when one by one their fishes begin to die.
At first they replace the dead fishes with new ones but again this process continues and finally the huge fish tank lies with muddy dirty water, very bad feng shui! many of us have seen this, and then the people blame the place or people living there as bad feng shui or start getting worried about their life finances and start superstitious belief that something bad is going to happen.
Rest be assured the dead fishes will not bring you any bad luck. Feng shui masters believe that pets and fishes who die take away some of your bad luck, hence it is advisable to keep a fish tank in your home.
While we analyze  this scientifically every living creature has a life span. Big sized  fishes placed in small tanks may not get enough light, food and space to develop, grow so they may end. Another reason may be having too many number of fishes in small fish tank. Then there may also be that one of the fishes is diseased, sick , yes fishes too have diseases like skin rashes, skin peeling, eruptions on skin and bloated stomach.
While you observe a silent fish, the one that floats on the upper level in need  of more oxygen, the one that settles down with heavy stomach or liver problem, one may even be fluttering , rubbing skin against the tank glass surface, and when observed you see white scales on the skin, a rash itchy that disintegrates the skin and thus the fish die. Then there is also the one that keeps jumping in spurts , one with constipation!
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Usually fish disease spreads like fire and when one fish is sick it affects the whole fish tank fishes as the water gets contaminated. Skin diseases also spread fast to all fishes and it is advisable to keep  the sick fish in separate tank with medicine water to help it heal.
Sometimes  the water you have is also highly chlorinated and fish tank sellers  advise to store water the previous night and then add  to the fish tank. It is also important that you take care of your fishes  during climatic changes from extreme hot to extreme cold.
While the fish tank cure is a simple feng shui cure to attract wealth and career opportunities also helpful mentor luck and friends in case you are not able to have this fish tank and maintain this for long please do not bring fishes and see them die, it is quite painful and always leaves you with sad negative energy.
Simple practical feng shui tips to take care of your fish tank-
1) Take the size  of fish tank which you can handle well  and keep it clean. The number of fishes you can care for well, and not the size of tank covering your wall of living room, your designer insists.
2) always bring all fishes in one lot, personal experience with fish tanks over the years, newly added fishes do not adapt well to old ones in the tank and all die.
3) Try to buy fishes of same size at one time, usually smaller fishes live longer.
4) In case you do not have much luck with fishes and do not have time to handle   and care for a tank go in for water features, they will give the same feng shui results.
5) Over feeding and not less  feeding is many times  the cause of death of fishes in tank. Over cleaning and not less cleaning is most of times  cause of death of fishes. Clean fish tank when the water looks muddy and not as ritual in few days.
In case your fishes keep dying you can hang a great fishes feng shui painting to attract wealth and prosperity luck. 
All the Best!

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