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Monday, February 28, 2011

Feng shui and the garden

Very few are blessed with a garden in front or back of the house. But little do people realise that this affects the whole house and inmates in the manner in which it is kept. One wonders how a garden can affect propsperity and health?
A fresh view with bright green foliage plants and flowers make the environment lively and gives a happy feeling. Whereas a garden with clutter, overgrown trees and plants and dried foliage leaves one feeling dull and sad. According to feng shui the front garden is most impotant and this affects the prosperity and good chi while entering the house. It must have flowering plants and low beds of attractive flowers at the entry way. It can also have a water feature to encourge positive energy from birds who come to drink water. It must be well lit.
The back garden has to be covered with fence and guarded for privacy. The front garden represents the job and financial prosperity whereas the back garden represents our personal life. Both have to be maintained and taken care of. Yin energy has to be seen in the backyard and yang energy is represented in the front yard. The front garden must have more energy and attractive plants whereas the back garden can have soothign and relaxing plants and even a rock garden in the north west to promote self realisation. If there are tall and strong plants in the backyard they will create restless feelings among inmates and they will not feel relaxed in the graden. The back garden has to be soothing relaxing with light coloured plants. White,pink and yellow flowers are best for back garden and also fresh and citrus smelling flowers and fruit trees.
The front garden can have reds and oranges and in fact any colour flowers. but remember that the plant sixe matters and they must not block the entrance view from the outside. The main door has to be kept clutter free and aviod large plants near the entry way.
Try to balance the plants you have accordingly. One can also consider the side which the garden faces that is east,west,north or south. It is best to have a garden in east and south as this will boost the fire energy in that area and inamtes will have good health and happy relationships among family members.

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