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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feng Shui For Stability in Home

Stability in home isa n very important aspect for the ehalthy and happy living of the family. Our home represents our identity and if the inmates are happy and well rested it is reflected in their auras as positive energy. Whereas if there is insecurity and restlessness then this also is seen as negative energy and can be felt as unease on enetering the home. It is also observed that total expenses also of such homes are unmanageable and they are always in debt.
Feng Shui is a science and I always mention that there are no miracles. The most effective cure for this is to bring stability in the house and the bread owner. How can this be done? let us analyse the situations taht result in instability.
The bread owner is not well rested and does not feel comfortable in the house. Make the bedroom relaxing with using soothing paints on the walls. Blue and pinks are preferred though this depends on individual preferences for colours. Make the bed comfortable and position it in the best direction of the person. Take care to keep the left side of the room clean and decorated.
Now the most important cure which I have personally tried on clients is to place some thing heavy in the corner or center of the house. Now this can be calculated or else approximate area can be selected. Please be careful not to place in any career or fame area as this will block the energy required by this places. Any furniture or big potted plant will do to keep stability in the home.
Always remember that each cure is just a basic guideline and is very effective if  used with the right intention.

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