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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feng Shui and Electronic Gadgets

Every home now has a TV , computer and other electronic gadgets. We are not aware that even these things have a presence of their own and emit energy. The radiations from them are harmful and one feels drained of energy from constant use and exposure to these.
The best cure in feng shui for minimising negative energy from these is to keep them covered when not in use. All reflective surfaces must be covered with a cover or cloth during nights so that they do not reflect back.Even electronic equipment like computer and music system must be kept covered when not in use. Nowadays it is in fashion to display big screen TV and people are not aware that at night this acts like a mirror and reflects all the energy back. Hence it is adviable to keep all reflective surfaces covered when not in use.
Also it would be best that all these equipments are placed in the they are mostly made of metal and support the element of metal in the area of the house. It is also advisable to avoid having them in the bedroom as they may interfere with the sleep patterns of the inmates. They are best placed in the living room and in the west section. It would also be preferable to have them covered in a wall unit that has doors to avoid dust gathering in them. Feng shui promotes positive energy and does not advise having open door cabinets.
Latest interior decoraters and furniture shops have many wall units and  contemporary furnitures that are customised for requirements and also fit in the decor of the house. All the gadgets and music systems can be accomodated in the specialised wall units or cupboards that have special made to order compartments.
Though technology is advanced and we all long for more electronic equipmets in the home it must be remembered that humans by nature  love to be near earth and so this metal component of these equipments must be balanced so that they do not over power our earth element.

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