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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to Use Ergonomics Furniture Feng Shui Energy Important Office Safety Tips

Ergonomics furniture plays a very important role in maintaining your energy  at work. Office safety tips for improving the feng shui of your office to attract more business and prosperity luck helps to attract more business and wealth.
Office feng shui is one of the main reasons for good business or losses in any business field. Office safety and employees safety  plays a major role in the success of your business.
Ergonomics and feng shui go hand in hand as good well postured and well balanced furniture makes employers and employees comfortable and they can focus their energy and become more productive, which of course will affect your business and wealth.
Feng shui is a science of harmony and balance, not just good costly furniture but also one that gives the individual most comfortable and balanced posture. How often we hear people complaining of backaches, headaches and tired eyes , all due to faulty office furniture.
Ergonomically made furniture designs focus on the body of individual and as the materials used are also create beneficial chi to the users. Bad office furniture and not considering office safety rules is one of the reasons people often get tired while working due to body strain.
Consider a few examples of what happens with bad feng shuid furniture- our office table is placed in a dark corner which needs constant artificial lighting; your chair is rigid and smaller , making you feel stuck up and crammed in sitting posture; you have to take a big round to access to the printer or other stationary materials; your office table drawers are too low or too high for your height and each time you need some documents you strain or stretch your body; your office dining table is narrow with small stools where you have to eat on the move;colleagues and other office tables are crammed together without space between two tables for movement of any feng shui energy, making you feel restricted; etc
This all indicates that office furniture being ergonomically balanced provides good chi. Feng shui energy when positive will invite more luck and wealth to any office and business. Following simple feng shui office safety tips would prevent hazards and invite more good energy into your office. Customized office furniture helps to avoid clutter and makes the environment comfortable to work in. This does not in any way mean to have costly furniture and latest technology equipment, even simple economic furniture will help the feng shui of your office. Clients and employees will work in a more comfortable environment, relationships will improve bringing in more positive feng shui energy, thus increasing your business returns and attracting new business opportunities.
All the Best!  
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