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Monday, June 16, 2014

Water Paintings Some important feng shui tips for choosing wealth cure water paintings

Water paintings symbolize wealth and prosperity and have been used since ages to symbolically attract prosperity and wealth.
1) water must be smooth flowing, gradually and persistently.
2) Water falls in feng shui paintings must not be angry violent scary. Storms and gloomy weather with violent large waves does not mean roe money but in fact create a fearful energy affecting the environment.
3) Water must be clear or natural color and not muddy, as this symbolizes black money or dark dirty wealth from wrong sources. water with mud ( will absorb all the water-wealth- and make it muddy),  not good
4) never display huge water paintings, too much water in any form be it river, sea or violent water energy is bad, water in any form is a force that needs to be handled carefully.
5) water tankers, represent stored water which is not such a good feng shui , prefer artworks with flowing natural springs and water falls.

Floating Treasures oil on canvas by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
6) Water reservoirs, like a water fall with a base at bottom is symbolically good as this represents accumulation of incoming wealth into your home.
7) waves of water or water fall must be incoming and not going out of the house as this symbolizes wealth going out of the house as large expenses.
8)  Never select any type of water or water fall paintings for bedrooms, water has a energy of flowing and cannot be stopped and will affect personal relationships adversely.
9) Always display paintings in front of you and not at the back wall where you sit, as here you need strong mountain support energy.
Hope this helps. Take Care and all the Best from Rizwana!

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